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12 Panel Drug Test With EtG

Drug testing is the most common testing happening around the globe. It is since the abundance of drug exposure and drug addiction cases rising, that only adequate and frequent testing can save people from this tragedy. With loads of drug tests around and every other lab conducting them, people often fail to decide what type of drug test will ideally suit them. For this, we can assure you that a 12 panel drug test is the best and your go-to drug testing option. 

The Importance of an Adequate Drug Test 

Drug tests happen to be a savior for many people. Especially for drug addicts, drug testing turns out to be life-saving in most cases. Adequate drug tests help to screen a majority of drug elements thus assuring a wide range of drug screening. Tests such as 12 panel drug tests ensure that a high level of drug screening is conducted. 

With 12 basic elements to be screened, a drug test of this caliber is enough to oversee a person with a drug addiction or drug abuse history. When more elements are up for screening, there happen to be additional benefits as well. For example, conducting separate tests or tests that screen for fewer elements turns out to be costly especially when bulk testing is required. For this, a dedicated single test is enough to obtain the best results. 

Enhancing a Drug Test 

Drug test enhancement is a common thing these days. To better guide you, a drug test is not limited to screening for only basic elements. For example, in a 12 panel drug test, you can screen for the following basic drug elements.

  1. Amphetamine 
  2. Cocaine 
  3. Marijuana 
  4. Phencyclidine 
  5. Methamphetamine
  6. Barbiturates
  7. Benzodiazepines 
  8. Buprenorphine 
  9. Methadone
  10. Oxycodone
  11. Morphine
  12. Ecstasy

Since these are the basic 12 elements that will be screened, what is anything enhancing in it? Most people want to screen for additional elements alongside the basic elements such as EtG or alcohol. For this, your standard 12 panel test converts to 12 panel drug test with EtG. Hence, with enhancement, you can now screen for an additional element alongside 12 basic drug elements. This is a common drug test type conducted throughout the globe. 

Conducting a 12 Panel Drug for Alcohol 

It is also a common perspective that when you wish to screen for an additional element such as EtG, you will need to revamp your testing methodology. In contrast, there is nothing like converting your methodology but following the same pattern. 

In general, a drug test is conducted on a urine sample contained in a test cup. You will need to get a dedicated cup that has ample space to have 12 basic test strips one for each basic screening element as well as an additional test strip for screening alcohol. Either you can get a dedicated cup for 12 panel drug test EtG or have a dedicated drug screen for this purpose. It is possible to screen for different additional elements since it is a common norm or standard. For this, you will not find any trouble in gaining the right test kit from 12 panel now by searching for drug tests for sale. 

Once you get the drug test cup with all the necessary test strips including EtG, you will need to run for screening. Either use the dedicated test strips inside the test cup to read the results or get a dedicated drug screen for swift results. A dip card or a dip screen is also the best test kit element for rapid screening of results signifying quick response for helping physicians and doctors. Head over to the 12 panel now for any other cup drug test information.

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