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6 Mistakes with Eyelash Extensions and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the average woman takes around 55 minutes to get ready each morning?

If you’re tired of spending so much time trying to perfect your makeup, you might be wondering if lash extensions are right for you. Not only can they speed up your routine, but they will also make your eyes look beautiful at all times.

Are you ready to book your first appointment? Keep reading to learn about 6 common mistakes with eyelash extensions so you can make sure you get the best results.

1. Wearing Makeup to Your Appointment

The good news is that preparing for extensions is quite easy. The only thing you have to remember is to not wear any makeup there so your face can be a blank canvas. Makeup gets in the way of the application process, which damages your results.

2. Getting Your Extensions Wet Too Soon

The general rule of thumb is to avoid getting wet lash extensions for 24 hours after your appointment. The reason why is that glue for extensions needs time to dry fully. If you get the lashes wet too soon, they could fall off.

3. Being Rough With Your Eyes

Whether you rub your eyes when you’re tired or you scrub your face to remove makeup, being too rough can rip eyelash extensions out. It’s best to avoid wearing any eye makeup since your lashes will do all the work for your appearance anyway.

4. Not Keeping Up With Lash Extension Maintenance

Eyelash extensions are pretty low-maintenance, but you still should get into the habit of brushing them once a day. This will prevent tangles and help extend their lifespan, said John O. from twiftnews.

5. Choosing an Inexperienced Lash Extension Professional

The best lash technicians are able to listen to your beauty goals and take in your unique features to create the ultimate lash look. Since everyone’s features are different, no technician should have a one-size-fits-all approach to extension applications. If you don’t want to pay for a pro, there are plenty of gorgeous fake eyelashes you can apply yourself with ease.

6. Not Scheduling Touch-Up Appointments

Over time, your lashes will start falling out unevenly. To maintain your voluminous lashes, you’ll have to schedule touch-up appointments so your technician can see where you’re thinning out and glue more on. It’s best to get a touch-up every two weeks, but you can stretch it out to every three weeks.

If you wait longer than that, you’ll have to get an entire new set, which takes longer and costs more.

Now You Know Which Mistakes With Eyelash Extensions to Avoid

By learning about the top mistakes with eyelash extensions, you can better prepare for your first appointment. With this guide, you’ll be able to maintain stunning lashes.

Do you want to know other ways you can look and feel your best? Check out the rest of our blog to find more helpful beauty tips.

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