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How to Know If Your Android Phone is Tapped by Someone?

Have you ever experienced a background noise during your phone calls? If you have, then it is possible that someone is tapping your phone through android spy app.

Having a vulnerable device gives a 100% chance to any user to tape your device with the help of third-party apps. 

Everyone is concerned about their privacy and does not want anyone to invade privacy. It might be possible that someone is trying to leak the business information from your device, but all you need is to stay alert.  

We have come up with the few interesting yet detecting points if someone is trying to track on your phone with the android spy app


Drop in the battery life:

If you are not using your phone enough and still your android mobile battery is low, then it’s alarming. Sometimes, it happens that your phone’s battery gets warm instantly. 

The very first thing you should make sure is battery condition. If you change your phone’s battery and still get the same situation, then it confirms someone is tracking your device and can harm your private data. 

The other solution to detect any hidden app in your device is to go to settings. Click on the device and go to the battery, check which app is using more battery. You can turn on the battery saver. If you still get the same reaction, then something is fishy.

Never overlook the dubious activity:

Have you ever experienced the turning off and on your android device on its own.

Well, it is suspicious.

If you notice any such activity, then don’t think it’s your imagination. Someone may hack your phone and attempt to manage your phone calls and other things. Some hidden spy apps for android use the code to access the target device and send strange text messages, which are also a sign of taping your android device. 

If you notice the installation of the unknown apps, then it also points to the hacking or tracking app running in your device.  

Higher data usage:

No wonder if you get the higher data usage bills. It might be possible that your family members use your cell phone and you do not know about it. Make sure who use your phone and how much your newly installed apps use the data. After going through such cases, if you still find a higher bill than ever, then someone is tracking your phone with the android spy app.

Background noise during phone calls:

Hearing some strange sounds like beating, clicking, etc. are the signs that show your android phone calls are being taped. If someone is spying on your phone and recordings your phone calls, then it makes different noises on the target device phone calls. If you are sharing some business details with someone, then the end-user can get all the private business details and harm you.

Difficulty to shut down the android device:

Someone accesses your phone illegally if you face some difficulty in shutting down the mobile phone. There is spyware that does not allow your mobile phones to shut down instantly because it sends your mobile data secretly to the end-user through android spy app (third-party app). It conducts your internet data to deliver your mobile activities report to the end-user.

Wrapping up:

Stay focused if you find any of the above-mentioned issues in your mobile phone. While installing any app in your android device, never allow access to contact, photos, location, etc. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to check on the kid’s devices to detect if they accidentally have installed an app with a malicious attack. Use these tips to spot any suspicious activity running on your device.

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