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Best Birthday Prank Ideas

Best Birthday Prank Ideas

Who says you have to be a child to pull off fantastic birthday pranks? Although a person’s birthday deserves celebration, a practical joke that’s done in good taste can undoubtedly make things more memorable, as opposed to the regular and often forgotten festivities.

Pranks on a person’s birthday, however, come with their own set of rules. You see, its essential that a joke being made is hilarious and in good fun rather than malicious. Try not to opt for tricks that don’t cause harm to the recipient and your audience, as you’ll never want to ruin a person’s special day.

Although everyone is different and there’s no certainty on how someone will react, some pranks just happen to be better than others! Below are our top best prank ideas for birthdays, let’s start.

The Prank Call

This mischievous act has stood the test of time for good reason, it’s a highly versatile prank that can be used for a variety of situations.

While you could make the prank call yourself, unless you’re an experienced operator, your first prank call attempt may likely fail.


For a perfect prank call guaranteed every time, we suggest downloading an app like OwnagePranks to do the job for you. This app is packed with over 100 prerecorded calls, each with a unique prank scenario that’s applicable for everyday situations, including a birthday prank.

Browse through their ‘Birthday Prank’ category to find what you’re looking for. Our favourite is ‘Juan Pinata Delivery’ prank call.


If the birthday boy or girl loves cookies, try this fun idea to dupe them unsuspectedly on their special day.

For cookies, you all need to follow the standard steps of making a batch but instead of using sugar, add salt. Once you’re done, put your cookies either in a package or a large bowl to make them look as presentable and non-suspicious as possible.

Casually leave them on the dining or living room table and invite your family member or friend to feast on your marvellous creation. During their salty first bite, make sure to record their reactions with your smartphone discreetly.

Frozen Cereal

To make frozen cereal, pour your family member’s favourite cereal and milk into a bowl and store it in the freezer the night before their birthday. It’s essential to give yourself plenty of time as you’ll want their cereal to be frozen solid when they try it.

The following morning, quickly mention you’ve already made their breakfast since it’s their special day. Hand the cereal bowl and spoon and enjoy watching their reactions.

Biggest Present Ever

If you’ve purchased a small gift and want to give the impression that it’s substantially more massive, this is an easy and fun way to do so!

Put your present in a small box and wrap it with a single layer of newspaper. Proceed to cover the package with another sheet of newspaper and continue until it’s the size you want it to be.

Once satisfied with your deceivingly smaller than advertised present, gift wrap the whole package and include a beautiful ribbon for good measure. Perfect for young family members who love uncovering gifts on their special day, this prank is guaranteed to get people laughing and a puzzled look on the birthday person’s face.

Meat Cake (Another food prank!)

You’ll need a little bit of preparation time for this practical joke and know-how in the kitchen. Instead of buying or making a regular birthday cake, you’re going to cook meatloaf and shape it into a round shape, resembling a normal cake.

If you’re unfamiliar to make meatloaf, don’t worry as there are plenty of tutorials online, and trust us when we say it’s worth the effort! Once you’ve thoroughly cooked your meatloaf, decorate it as a birthday cake would typically look.

For the frosting, use whipped potato and dye it with a different color to disguise its actual appearance. You can also opt to write the birthday person’s name on the cake if you feel like it’s worth the effort.

Service with candles and present it with everyone singing happy birthday in the background, just make sure to have a real extra cake on hand, in case the person celebrating their birthday isn’t a fan of your meat cake.

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