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Best Careers in the Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and Gas Sector

Oil and Gas Sector

Searching for lands with oil and gas reserves is similar to searching for a gold mine. Extracting and further refining them into the forms we are more familiar with is the part and the main function of one of the biggest industries in the world. However, whether the industry is the most beneficial to humans and the planet, is still a debatable point. Nonetheless, it is still employed in producing a plethora of items in different factories across all industries. It is still one of the fast-growing and high-capital generating sectors out there today.

Since the oil and gas industry is so popular, Jobs Oil and Gas are always available. Therefore, if you are planning on opting for a career, you would hear many people commenting that you should Get a job for oil and gas. It is so because the oil and gas sector is one of the fastest-growing and well paid globally, and you may not be paid as well if you are not in a position related to oil and gas. That is why today, we will be looking at the top careers that require a few prerequisites and pay exceptionally well.

Jobs in oil and gas sector

Jobs Oil and Gas are any posts that are somehow involved in the oil and gas sector. This can include any job from extraction to the testing of oil reserves. Or even from transporting to the manufacturing industry. The opportunities are numerous, and you need to find the post you like. Generally speaking, you would require a background in but not limited to engineering, geology, business, chemistry, or mechanics. If you are interested in one of those fields, you will likely be eligible for many posts mentioned in the oil and field sector.

Today we will be going through a list of jobs related to the oil and gas sectors. These are listed on the pay they offer and other benefits that make them one of the best in the industry.

Oil Testers

These are individuals that test the oil by assessing it through different tests. This is one of the primary stages of oil extraction, and this individual tests the product for any potential dangers. A plethora of tools is employed to test pipelines and the quality of oil and gas. This is one of those jobs that do not require you to have a lot of educational requirements.

All you need is a diploma in the related field or high school certification in some cases. Afterward, the employees are further trained for this post covering everything they need to know. The average salary is over forty grand a year.

Plant Operators

These are individuals whose job deals with the distribution departments. Once the gas is tested and extracted, it must be distributed to other plants for further distribution to residential and commercial places. The job of the individuals is just that. They also get to distribute gas to big factories and industries who require it for their usages. 

Distribution is done by using compressors or proper equipment to avoid any dangers. This is also a job you can look for directly after you complete high school. Training for the specific post is already provided, or you can do a diploma yourself in the said field. An average salary of 40 thousand is offered per annum to such individuals.


Engineers are always in demand in this specific field. Especially chemical engineers, who will be responsible for testing and assessing a variety of products used in the oil and gas sector. They work side by side with other engineers and even scientists to ensure that the product extracted is of the best quality. 

Furthermore, they also test whether the companies converting them into products employ the safest chemicals and methods. Another major part of their job is to ensure proper storage of the extracted substances. This job requires a candidate to have an engineering degree preferably in chemical engineering and some experience in the field. The average median salary is around 60 thousand dollars a year.

Sales personals

It is no secret that every industry out there requires a salesperson for their field. A sales representative is someone that sells the finished products at wholesale prices to big companies and places. This transfers the finished goods to companies that will make them available for an ordinary person’s use. They require excellent communication skills as well as negotiation skills, and the power to persuade. 

The candidates for these posts must have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business, sales, or marketing; It is preferred to have some experience in the oil and gas fields. Their average salary goes well over 60 grand a year.

Oil and Gas geologist

Another job is that of a petroleum geologist. Now, these individuals are the ones that look for oil and gas fields in different places around the world. They apply their geological knowledge and techniques to successfully locate areas that have reserves that can be extracted and used. They also advise on the ways to extract it because every part of the planet is different, and not the same extracting methodologies nor the equipment can be employed. 

These individuals are well aware of the requirements, the machinery, and the ways used. Generally, for this post, you require a degree in geology and some field research. You can get a job without much experience on an entry-level post and work your way up to better positions. The average salary reaches around 70 grand per annum.

Petroleum Directors

These are also known as technical directors, and these are the individuals that oversee the whole process of extraction, refining, manufacturing, and even transport. Their main job is to direct large projects, come up with strategies, stay on schedule and run the whole project smoothly. They require great strategies to deliver the project in the best possible way. You would need a relevant degree for this post, and it pays a six-figure salary per annum.

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