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BJJ Gi Reviews Explain Why You Need to Wear MMA Gloves

BJJ Gi Reviews Explain Why You Need to Wear MMA Gloves

Doug Freeman, founder of BJJ Gi Reviews, always reminds beginner fighters that professional fighters risk their hands more than any other part of the body. Statistics show that one-third of boxing injuries are involved in hands. To prevent hand and finger injuries, fighters are obligated to wear a combination of hand wraps and boxing gloves when they fight. Similar to that, High quality MMA gloves are designed to stabilize the hand and wrist area, reducing the potential hand injuries during impact training or a bout. According to Doug, there are three main types of gloves available in the market:

Doug mentions that there are multiple things to consider when buying a pair of MMA gloves like brand, color, material used, quality control measures, size, technology, and usage. You can check his reviews on MMA gloves to find yourself the best gloves suitable for you at their official website.

More importantly, Doug insists, these best MMA gloves must be kept in good condition for it to last longer, protecting you and your opponent for a long time. Here are some of his tips to protecting your protection:

About BJJ Gi Reviews

Doug Freeman, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has been training BJJ for 7 years. Because of his love and passion for BJJ, he decided to create a blog where he can share his knowledge and other information on BJJ.


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