Building A Home To Get A Real Estate Agent To Sell

Real estate agents are very important when you want to sell a house. In addition to ensuring the house sells faster, saving the seller time and effort, using a real estate agent is likely to ensure that a seller makes more money on the house.

However, while real estate agents may help sell the house faster and at a higher value, certain features in a home will get quick, multiple offers and as a home builder, it is important to know which features to add to the home to get it to sell at a profitable price. Below are three features most potential home buyers look out for.

Laundry Room

According to a recent survey, home buyers, more than anything else, want a laundry room in their homes. Having a separate room to use for washing and ironing helps to keep the area clean.

As a building contractor, it is then very vital to include a laundry room while building a home as this will help boost the value of the house and increase the chances of getting multiple offers on the house when you are ready to sell.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Windows

Homebuyers are constantly looking for ways to limit utility bills and one way to do this is by using energy-efficient appliances and windows. Energy-efficient windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by 12% while energy-efficient appliances such as a washing machine can save homeowners at least $45 on utility bills annually. An energy-efficient dishwasher has sensors that can enable it to minimize water usage.

Installing these features while building the home will not only increase its value greatly but also ensure that you get multiple offers.


Homebuyers will typically see a nice backyard and envision themselves hanging out with friends and family. It is thus important for building contractors not to neglect the backyard while building a house. In the housing market, outdoor living spaces are now the most desired outdoor home feature and building contractors must take advantage of that.

Including a patio in a home will certainly boost the value of the home and get real estate agents to sell the home faster as there is a higher chance of multiple offers.


Building a home with features that potential home buyers are looking out for will ensure that real estate agents sell the house faster and at a higher value. Building contractors should therefore take advantage of the desires of home buyers when building the house. Visit us for any other home-building questions.

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