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CP12 Gas Safety Certificate in London

As a landlord, it’s vital to ensure that the properties you let are safe and fit for purpose. By law, you are required to engage a qualified Gas Safe engineer to visit at least once a year to inspect and certify all gas appliances in the building. This includes everything from boilers to ovens, and any shortcomings in their condition will be highlighted. Not only does this ensure that your tenants are safe, but it can also prevent costly repairs or even accidents that could harm your reputation as a landlord. So take your responsibility seriously – hire a Gas Safe engineer today to keep your properties up to standard and protect your tenants.

Keeping gas appliances such as boilers, hobs and ovens in safe working order is essential for landlords as it shows a duty of care to tenants and their safety. Therefore, to ensure safety in your home or a tenanted property, it is wise to engage a Gas Safe registered engineer to check, install and maintain every gas appliance on the premises. Having an up-to-date Gas Safety certificate gives all-around peace of mind. 

Regular gas safety checks will identify any operational changes in any gas appliance that could have serious consequences – such as gas leaks and or carbon monoxide (CO) leakage. Neglecting your duty as a landlord will have serious consequences in the event of a gas-related accident!

What is a CP12 certificate?

CP12 Certificate demonstrates landlords have met their legal obligations. It is a mandatory legal document that covers domestic and commercial gas heating appliances by gas-safe registered engineers. 

A CP12 report confirms that all gas appliances have been checked and tested to ensure safe usage. It is proof of efficiency and gas safety. This certificate guarantees peace of mind throughout its 12-month validity period, after which it must be renewed.


CP12 is an abbreviation of CORGI Proforma 12 and refers to a Gas Safety certificate. Gas safety and its regulation were once the responsibility of the Council for Registered Gas Installers (CORGI), but in 2009, they transferred the responsibility to the Gas Safe register. It has been referred to as a Gas Safety certificate since then. It is also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate or Gas Safety Record, but CP12 is still widely used.

Commercial properties must also have a CP12 Landlord Certificate.

A Landlord Safety Certificate (CP12) is legally required for commercial businesses in the UK. It is authorised by the 2018 Commercial Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.. Once every 12 months, the landlord must engage a Gas Safe registered engineer to undertake appliance inspection within business premises. Gas Safe Engineers at serviceteam London are fully qualified and gas safe registered to carry on an inspection for both household and commercial properties.   

A CP12 certificate validates that all appliances have met gas legislation and are safe to use. Home occupants enjoy peace of mind and confidence, knowing the safety of any gas appliance within the property. 

However, if a gas-related incident happens and the CP12 has expired, or there isn’t one, the landlord could be subject to a substantial fine or imprisonment if a gas-related incident causes any injuries or fatalities! If your CP12 certificate is about to or has expired, schedule an appointment IMMEDIATELY to avoid any of the above.

If an accident occurs due to negligence, the courts do not look favourably upon an errant landlord. 

CP12 checklist.

Does Annual Boiler Service include the Gas Safety inspection? 

A gas safety Certificate must be renewed every 12 months in tenanted properties; that’s mandatory. With domestic property, it is optional, but some insurance companies will request an annual boiler service or CP12 to validate any guarantees.

The boiler services examine individual boiler parts for debris, damage, or defects, whilst the safety checks identify any existing safety threats in gas appliances. 

As these services are necessary to protect you, your family, tenants and employees, plus your property, a gas safety check should always be performed by qualified engineers, who will ensure the gas/heating appliances operate efficiently and safely.

What does a Gas Safety Certificate contain?

When a Gas Safe qualified engineer has visited your home and completed the annual service, the following will be documented.

If your property is in London, you can book your appointment online or call us directly. If you’re a landlord, be sure to check out our blog on key information about safety certificates in the UK. Our engineering inspection procedure ensures that your certificate is delivered promptly when booked in advance. 

The CP12 will be in your possession within 48 hours of the test being completed, even if the test is completed over the weekend! Alongside this vital service, we also offer a variety of gas safety certificates, gas appliance installation, and other maintenance services throughout London. Our professional team is dedicated to providing expert service and ensuring the safety of your home or workplace. Trust us to keep your gas appliances running smoothly and safely.

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