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Do You Know The Names Of The Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Brands?

Do You Know The Names Of The Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Brands

The fashion industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Before the emergence of civilization, there was a time when people didn’t use to wear clothes. From the first step of sewing leaves and tree trunks, the rest they say is history.

Gradually, we see a man take up bodily adornment varying from culture to culture, which has now become an essential of the world’s fashion makeup asides from clothing. Over the years, we have seen different brands emerge in the fashion industry to meet the needs of both genders across the world, but today, just a few brands earn the top positions annually and globally. These are the brands that dress world celebrities of any country.

As fashion trends emerge year in year out, these brands have ensured to stay in the top 5 of the world’s global bestsellers, famous across the world for their quality, brand value, trends, peculiarity, and customer satisfaction. Before moving ahead towards them, we would suggest you to visit this site to get your hands on Initio parfum the finest branded perfume to try this holiday season.


Established by Gianni Versace in 1978, Versace is a world-known Italian luxury fashion brand known all over the world today. Recently, the brand has been gaining mass social media attention with one of the highest engagements ever recorded in the fashion industry, with over 34.5 million followers.

With current Chairman, Donatella Versace, the brand is still maintaining its relevance in the fashion industry, while still forging ahead in the clothing, accessories, watches, shoes, fragrances, and beauty product categories.

Affiliated with world-known celebrities and supermodels like Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, and popular for massive global sales of Versace perfumes, bathrobes, shoes, sunglasses, and jeans clothing, the brand stands out for rich glamour and intricate styles with a daily increase of demands from consumers across the world. Since Versace returned to the Japanese market in 2015 with 7 stores the brand is today Japanese celebrities favorite foreign brand together with the local Japanese Kansai and Hanae Morie (Source: wondercelebs.com)

Louis Vuitton

Known by all and sundry, and owned by the mega-conglomerate LVMH, Louis Vuitton is the top and most popular fashion house in the world today. In the last 5 years, the brand continues to gain international recognition with an estimated double sale in 2020, compared to that of 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic that hit the world at large.

Fashion reports show that Louis Vuitton is currently known to be LVMH’s biggest revenue source with an increased sale of 18% last year. The notable fashion house is also topping Forbes’ list of the most valuable and luxurious brand index, valued at $47.2 Billion.

With a higher percentage of the brand’s target consumers being the female gender, Louis Vuitton is known for its top-notch, quality female handbags, asides their mass range of wallets, shoes, sneakers, and sunglasses still very much in high demand till today since its establishment in 1854.


Founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837, top fashion brands in the world cannot be mentioned without the inclusion of the Hermes brand. Hermes is globally famous for its unisex ‘Kelly bag’ and ‘silk scarves. The brand is also a world-class expert in the production of belts, and female sportswear, and horse-riding gloves for notable horse riders all over the world.

After 176 years in the fashion industry, Hermes’ net worth estimates at about $10.6 Billion.


Haute-Couture house, Chanel, takes the no 2 spots of top fashion brands in the world today, with an increased online search interest of consumers all over the world at 11.55% since the inception of 2021. Rated on one of the most highly recognized fashion brands in the world, Chanel is a channel for fashion luxury.

Despite shying away from e-commerce because of its fashion pieces, the brand saw its social media audience growth accelerate this year, currently, with a total of 81.4 million followers across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook earning it the title of the fashion brand with the highest number of social media followers across all platforms.

Chanel’s product range cuts across clothing, perfumes, watches, and handbags and is mostly famous for the ‘Chanel Suit’, Chanel No. 5 perfume, and ‘Little Black Dress. Now going digital in serving its consumers, Chanel recently launched its beauty app called ‘lip scanner’ motorized by facial recognition and augmented reality that allows customers to virtually try on its range of lipstick products.


Gucci tops our chart amongst brands in the fashion industry. The Italian luxury house has always been known to embrace ‘genderless fashion’ style as its core value across clothing, bags, and shoe products, and mid-last year, launched its Off The Grid collection targeted toward the younger generation of consumers.

The brand popular for its capital G brand logo is affiliated with celebrities like Harry Styles who flawlessly uphold the brand’s genderless fashion value and is particularly strong in the sneakers market. Recently reaching new digitally affluent consumers on China’s largest e-commerce platform, the label sold its first-ever pair of ‘virtual sneakers’. The Gucci digital-only sneakers can afford people the opportunity to wear the sneakers virtually to take pictures and videos online.

Social media-wise, Gucci has a record engagement of over 10 million per month and is set to celebrate its 100th anniversary having been established in 1921.

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