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Dry Flowers DIY

You can’t ignore it now, dried flowers are back in full swing. That means there’s an increasing demand for how to dry flowers yourself. Through the steps below, we will explain to you the best way to do this:

How can you dry a bouquet?

Choose a bouquet of dried flowers and remove the bottom leaves.

Hang the flowers upside down in a dry place. If necessary, divide the flowers into individual groups so that each flower can dry properly.

Can’t wait for the mother’s day flowers to dry? Then you can also just let flowers dry in the vase. However, keep in mind that a rose, for example, will droop and is not suitable for this. It is important that the stems do not stand in water, because they can rot. And of course you want to avoid that!

How can you dry loose flowers?

Did you know that you can also dry loose flowers yourself? If you have a nice bouquet, try drying loose flowers yourself. Put nice flowers that you want to keep in individual vases or lay them out. Make sure these flowers have not been standing for too long. It is best to let the flowers dry after 2-3 days. You avoid that they have already been at their peak, which is a shame.

It is best to hang a rose upside down, so that the head will not droop. This is what this flower does when it runs out of water. It’s certainly not durable, but you can spray a rose with hair spray to keep the petals from falling off quickly.

An old way to dry loose flowers is with heavy books. To do this, place loose flowers or leaves in a book. If necessary, use tissue or a page of newspaper. Put something else heavy on top of the book so that it gets extra compression. Then wait about 3 weeks and you will have beautiful dried flowers.

Dried flowers and scent

Also nice to know, many flowers also retain their scent once they are dried. Besides the well-known rose, lavender or bay leaf also retain a very pleasant scent. For example, you can tie the loose stems together with string and place them near the toilet.

What can dried flowers be used for?

Besides dried flowers in a vase, you can use them in all sorts of ways. Are you getting lodgings? How nice is it to put some dried flowers tied together on the pillow. This will immediately create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere!

A few sprigs of lavender are also lovely to place in a closet. Besides looking nice, the scent remains active with dried flowers. The closet is the perfect place for this.

Dry flowers also do nicely in picture frames. The best way to make use of this is to place the dried flowers in an old book, so that in addition to being dry, they are also flat. Also highly recommended, make your own tea with dried flowers! Nice example of this is chamomile tea, which we wrote a blog about earlier. Definitely worth a try.

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