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Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Performance

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Performance

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”

Taking this into consideration, do we ever realize how we have underrated the bliss of good sleep? We’re living in a faster-moving world where work & technology take priorities and sleep is often compromised. Have we forgotten the value of 7 – 9 hour sleep & the way it changes our mind & body to takeover anything? The answer is probably yes!

We see many people around us who are sleep-deprived. Maybe they’re rushing for success or want to get extra pay at work. All this is usually done at the cost of sleep. Little do we realize that occasional sleep deprivation is acceptable, but it gets dangerous in all aspects of it becomes an indivisible part of our routine life?

Let’s talk about the possible effects of sleep deprivation on performance in three major & critical aspects of our lives.

Firstly, when you’re up in the morning in a sleepless mood, the beginning of the day itself is ruined. Your body gives up performing well as it stays restless continuously. It cannot regulate the stress-busting hormones as expected. This simply means that your body loses the capabilities to keep your immunity system strong. You may fall ill more frequently & invite severe diseases like cardiovascular problems, blood pressure problems, etc.

Not just this, lack of sleep also secretes more insulin that exposes you to the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Obesity & weight gain then follows. You’re more likely to affect your eating habits & divert attention from the things that matter the most. We’re also talking about ruining happy & healthy relationships just because of sleep deprivation.

However, you still have time to control things if you start using Modvigil after consulting the doctor.

Secondly, your professional life is disturbed. You suddenly turn less productive & your performance is greatly affected as you haven’t slept well. Your precision of decision-making, memory power, and focus seem blurry. You feel irritated most of the time & you’re not ready to handle an unexpected workload that dives in. As a result, your physical & emotional health is badly impacted. Above all, you’re no more than a creative person in the room who has a solution to all the problems.

This could be the reason that most professionals are consulting doctors & asking if they can use Modalert. You cannot afford to stay less attentive at work as you may lose your job. It gets you depressed, your confidence levels are dropped & you are least interested in taking up any responsibilities.

By the time we’ve seen the possibilities of performance drop due to sleep deprivation in professional & personal life, let’s have a look at the social life that’s also poorly impacted.

Lastly, your social life cannot see better days because of sleeplessness. Sleep deprivation takes away emotional & psychological soundness from individuals. You’re more forgetful and experience hallucinations more often.

Let’s say, for instance, if you’re a teacher or a nursing staff, you’re more likely to make mistakes & harm people who rely on you. It’s hard to imagine learning from a teacher who hasn’t slept well. Similarly, nursing staff can make mistakes & harm patients. Thus, you put other’s lives at risk too.

You lose your temper easily & it’s hard to maintain emotional balance. You may hurt your loved ones by saying what you may not have expressed otherwise. This happens more with women or new parents. Dealing with newborns is very difficult & it takes a month or two to get back to your sleeping schedule. It creates an imbalance with work & life. Waklert and Modvigil could be an effective cure in such cases.

You may consider this chatter as a brief overview of the possible effects of sleep deprivation in playing different roles in our lives. However, the resultant effects could be irreversible & extremely dangerous if left unattended. Thus, you should take it on a serious note & treat sleeplessness & insomnia as soon as possible.

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