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Everything you need to know about Peruvian Hair

Choosing the correct virgin human hair extensions is quite crucial. Peruvian virgin hair is one of the most common varieties of hair on the market. The hair is incredibly smooth, soft and bright. 100% of the real Peruvian virgin Remy hair is never processed or treated with chemical products and its cuticles running in the same direction and undamaged in its natural condition. You can bleach, color and process the type of hair as you would. You can’t go wrong with virgin Peruvian hair bundles if you want to use a diverse and natural human hair enlargement product.

What is Peruvian hair? What are its main features? And why is it so highly rated by women and professionals around the world? You will know all this right now!The Peruvian hair has always been among the types of the most popular hair for professionals and consumers worldwide. The reason? Well, we can say that in addition to having an excellent structure, it is usually light and very silky. In addition, the texture of Peruvian hair is certainly one of the best there is, as it hardly tangles, especially when compared to Indian hair, and still manages to have a shine of its own.

Despite the great external influence we received, and this also applies to the hair market, the Peruvian material manages to be exported a lot to the gringos. That’s right! Much of our national hair production is sent abroad, after all, they love it! Mainly because Peruvian women are known for taking very good care of their locks, after all, they invest heavily every month in products to maintain it.

However, it is always good to pay extra attention when buying your Peruvian hair, as many online companies that claim to sell hair from Brazil often import hair from India and sell it as if it were from here, as it is cheaper. It is also worth mentioning that around 90% of the hairs that are sold in the appliqués and wigs industries are Indian, while the other 10% that circulate come from China, Malaysia, Peru, Brazil and other European countries. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the store you choose to buy yours is really trustworthy, as you can choose Peruvian hair, but receive one from India instead. Ever wonder?

The quality of Peruvian hair

Firstly, we can say that Peruvian hair has a strand that is very similar to Malaysian, with excellent quality, a thicker strand with little chance of embarrassment. Another advantage is that Peruvian hair has a huge mix, with wide variations in models and textures, straight, curly, wavy, curly, etc.

And for example, if we compare a Peruvian hair Lace Front or Full Lace wig and an Indian hair one, you will certainly notice that the Peruvian one offers a more robust, thicker hair, which is easier to style, in addition, of course, of embarrassing little. Furthermore, Peruvian hair, even though it has gone through a certain process before – the famous processed hair – still offers excellent quality. And that’s not to mention the benefits of hair from the south and southeast region of Peru, considered “noble”, with the quality and category of AA+ hair. The price may even be higher, but the cost-effectiveness is unquestionable.

Peruvian hair characteristics

– Type 1 (straight hair): It is normally the most coveted hair type by the Peruvian public, but only 18% of the population has this type of hair.

– Type 2 (slightly wavy hair): Wavy hair is perhaps the most curious hair, as its shape and movement are totally natural. In addition, it is usually a hair that tends to look good with several cuts, especially the boldest ones. We can say that it is the type of hair that covers 26% of Peruvian women.

– Type 3 (wavy hair): Amazingly, it is the type of hair that most represents our women, with 29% of them already born with it.

– Type 4 (slightly curly hair): This is the hair that is already in the classification of afro and frizzy hair. However, only 8% of Peruvian women were born with them. It’s also a great hair type for cuts with volume in light layers.

– Type 5 (curly hair): Covering 17% of the population, it is already considered an Afro hair, but with a finer texture. This type of Peruvian hair is best for making kinky curly wig.

Choosing Peruvian virgin hair extensions has many advantages, as this hair is healthy and never colored, bleached or styled by any chemical harmful treatment. This hair is so flexible that nearly anyone may use it to achieve the desired appearance. The hair type is incredibly thick, soft and rich, and few bundles can be necessary to give the whole body a strong look. So the healthiest type of hair is examined, making it the finest choice for hair extensions.

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