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Fashion Nova’s Stylish Incorporation of Face Masks Into Its Ensembles

Face mask

Face mask

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across various nations in the early months of 2020, people needed more ways to stay safe and avoid getting infected. In April, the CDC’s Covid-19 guidelines suggested that people put on “simple cloth face coverings” to cover their mouth and nose and help reduce the spread of the virus. N95 masks were not enough anymore, and hospital workers needed them more.

The highest searched keyword on Google was “where to buy a face mask.” It was so bad that the U.S. surgeon general had to upload a video on YouTube in which he explained how to make a simple facemask from home with an old T-shirt and elastic.

However, not many people are so interested in picking an old cloth, cutting, and sewing until their nose masks are ready. Those with large families may even get wary after making a few. So, fashion and apparel brands decided to step up their game. Brands like Fashion Nova and even longer-established brands like Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton started pumping out face masks. These face masks were made available on official websites and other e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Many people and publications commended these brands for coming together to fight against coronavirus. Even though these cloth masks did not filter all coronavirus particles like the N95 masks, people believed they may filter up to 50% of the virus – which was safer than having no form of protection at all.

Fashion Nova didn’t sit back while others churned out face masks. Instead, it developed more innovations that would make people more likely to wear these masks and protect themselves.

Let’s take a look at how Fashion Nova handled face mask production and sales since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

How Fashion Nova Is Making A Difference In Face Mask Production

Just like many other top brands, Fashion Nova started selling face masks in April 2020. These masks were made from fashionable fabric, and NovaBabes and other customers rushed to get them. Even people who weren’t regular Fashion Nova shoppers hurried to cop their masks.


Fashion Nova was able to sell their quality cloth face masks for so little that people couldn’t pass up the offer. Everyone knows Fashion Nova for its quality, trendy styles, and affordable pieces. They took this right into the face mask category and the market responded.

You will find a face mask on Fashion Nova for as low as $4.99. That means everyone can stay safe without having to break the bank.

Currently, Fashion Nova has over 110 different face masks in various designs available on the website, so there’s something to wear for every occasion. Now that the world is returning to normalcy and everyone is getting back out there, these fashionable and affordable face masks come in handy.

But that’s not all Fashion Nova has done in the face mask category. Some other brands also produce affordable face masks, because human lives are more important than the profits incurred on face mask sales. Another thing Fashion Nova has done to help ladies stay safe during the pandemic is that it made it easier for people to carry and wear their masks.

Many people are starting to lose hope in the masks, and just believe that they’ll be fine if they go on without it, forgetting that hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in just a few months. Meanwhile, many others are not so used to wearing face masks, so they tend to leave home without them and just go about their day, refusing to get a new mask since they already have one in their homes.

But this puts them at major risk of infection and also puts everyone that comes in contact with them at risk of contracting the virus if they get infected. Fashion Nova came up with something to help.

The fast-fashion brand came up with products like “But Make it Fashion Face Mask Mini Dress” and “Lioness Halter Matching Set – Royal” to remove the need to carry face masks from your home.

By having the face masks incorporated right into the styles, people can easily remove their face masks when they are not standing or walking close to anyone.

Many people have dropped reviews on the new style launched by Fashion Nova. The animal print halter top and matching pants (Lioness Halter Matching Set – Royal) which sell for $39.99  have received many glowing reviews. The neckline can extend over your mouth and nostrils. Some customers said it looks like outfits worn by characters in the Mortal Kombat video game series and some expressed worries about smelling their sweat when wearing the multipurpose shirt.

However, on the website, NovaBabes who purchased the two-piece outfit wrote reviews including, “I was skeptical at first of this outfit but decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. It fits good and it isn’t as see-through as I thought it would be.” Others mentioned that they were ready to rock it for the summer.

As usual, these Fashion Nova pieces are offered in various sizes ranging from small to large. Anyone can purchase them regardless of their size.

Fashion Nova is video that incorporate face masks to keep customers as safe as possible as the coronavirus continues to spread. If everyone could wear face coverings to protect themselves from the virus, then it could be defeated sooner than we imagined and everyone could get back to their lives.

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