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Five reasons you need an annual MOT test

New to driving? First time owning a car? Either way, many new motorists aren’t aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. It’s easy to book an MOT online at a test centre near you and it’s absolutely crucial that you do – here’s why.

It’s a legal requirement

First, driving a vehicle without a valid MOT certificate is illegal, with very few exceptions. If caught, you can face a fine of up to £1,000. Furthermore, without a valid MOT, your car insurance is likely to be invalidated which means you won’t be covered if involved in an accident and may face other financial and legal consequences as a result.

This point should be enough to understand why you need an MOT every year, but there are other benefits.

It helps keep you and others safe

The main reason for an MOT check is safety, helping to protect you, your passengers and other road users. The test examines critical components of your vehicle, such as brakes, tyres, seat belts and lights, to ensure every aspect of your vehicle meets legal standards. 

You may not notice issues with day-to-day use, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there and dangerous. By identifying and rectifying these issues, the MOT test helps to prevent accidents on UK roads.

It helps make your car more reliable

Annual MOT tests highlight wear and tear, emerging problems and potential issues that could cause further problems down the road. Identifying and taking care of these helps to enhance reliability and performance, giving you more confidence in your vehicle.

This proactive approach can extend your vehicle’s lifespan and reduce the risk of more costly and significant breakdowns in the future. Why risk your vehicle for the sake of just over £50 per year?

It checks environmental impact

The MOT test includes checks on emissions, ensuring your vehicle meets environmental standards. This contributes to the efforts to reduce air pollution and, subsequently, the effects of climate change. Cars that fail emissions tests are likely to emit higher levels of harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. 

By taking your vehicle for its MOT, you can play a small part in global efforts by ensuring the environmental impact of your car is limited.

It saves you money

Any car with a recent MOT and full-service history is likely to have a higher resale value than one that doesn’t. Furthermore, regular MOT tests can help avoid the costs associated with major repairs due to neglect. By identifying issues early, the MOT test saves you money down the road.

Do you need any more reasons?

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