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From Mermaids to Clowns: Unconventional Careers That Pay Big Bucks

With tons of courses available on the internet, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding a new career. No matter how weird your dreams and interest may be to others, there’s definitely something out there for you to do.

Skillshub has looked into unique online courses and picked the most captivating ones. You won’t just learn some cool skills if you take them, but you can also get some really high-paying jobs after.

Here’s how much you can make yearly if you were going to try these unconventional careers:

Professional Mermaid – £58,600

If you already know how to swim, you might want to learn to do it with a tale as well and become a professional mermaid. The job is very popular across touristy seaside locations, and you have loads of job alternatives, such as a mermaid show performer, a party entertainer, or even a mermaid athlete. It’s a dream that pays around £58,600 a year.

Angel Oracle Card Reader – £55,000

Learn how to connect with Angels and read the cards and you can earn around £55,000 a year. All you need is a real passion for mystical things and the patience to learn everything about the cards.

Clown – £50,916

Making people laugh or scaring them to tears could be your dream job. If you’re passionate, being a clown can help you earn £50,916 a year. You’ll never be bothered again when people tell you that you’re a clown.

Exorcist – £41,900

An exorcist is someone who can drive out evil spirits, demons, and devils from possessed people, places, and things. If you’re not terrified, you can try this job and earn around £41,900 a year.

Cryptozoologist – £38,900

If you ever found yourself wanting to find out if the Loch Ness Monster really does exist, maybe your calling is cryptozoology. Even if cryptozoology isn’t a recognised science, there are people around the world that do study and try to find mythical creatures. They gain around £38,900 a year doing it.

Paranormal Investigator – £35,140

If you’re not one of those with a weak heart, you can try becoming a paranormal investigator and go investigate locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. If you’re still alive, you win around £35,140 a year.

Taxidermist – £30,000

Learn how to turn a dead animal into a work of art by preparing their skins and filling them with a special material to make them look as if they are alive. The job title is ‘taxidermist’ and people that are strong enough to do it earn around £30,000 a year.

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