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House Rewiring Costs in Ireland

Do you find yourself continually exposed to dimming lights, stop-and-start power, or frequent tripped circuit breakers? Beside the potential of damaging your daily routines; these can be signs of your electrical wiring’s deeper problems. When it comes to having many homes that combine historical beauty with the convenience of modern living, ensuring safe, up-to-date wiring is critical.

Is your home’s safety being compromised by old wiring? This post covers everything you need to be aware of regarding the cost to have a house rewired in Ireland to assist you in making a safer and more dependable home.

What is House Rewiring?

House rewiring is the solution for your aged electrical wiring throughout the property. House rewiring is what you need to ensure compliance and functionality of your house’s electric system. This process may involve changing disrupted fuse boxes, sockets, and switches and generally, replacing wiring that is no longer sufficient.

Rewiring your house does not only facilitate an effective electric grounding process but also reduces the risk of a possible electrical fire, among other risks exposed by aged or damaged wires. It is thus crucial for your house and a good investment.

What are the Different Types of House Rewiring and Their Costs in Ireland?

Depending on the specific demands and state of the current property, house rewiring can vary a lot. Homeowners in Ireland may consider various rewiring projects, which each expect their own costs to different degrees.

Here’s a break down of the main types of rewiring, so you can get an idea for what to expect to pay:

Full Rewiring

Full rewiring is the most expensive and invasive type that requires replacing all the electrical wiring throughout the house, circuits, and consumer units . This method is suitable for older houses or renovations that do not meet electrical safety standards. In a standard three-bedroom house, the cost of a full rewire will range from €5,000 to €8,000.

Partial Rewiring

Partial rewiring might fit newer houses that only need to update specific parts where the rewiring will take place, similar to previous situations. Partial rewiring is less expensive due to the scope of the electrician’s work. However, the partial version’s cost still varies significantly and will likely cost the client between €2,000 and €4,000.

Consumer Unit Replacement

Replacing the consumer unit or fuse box itself is a more common request, with European homes being generally well-built. A new consumer unit has improved safety features as it contains modern MCBS and RCDs. For this project, the cost starts from €500 to €1,000.

Electrical Inspection and Testing

It is a good idea to have a full electrical inspection before doing any rewiring with an electrician, especially in an older property. Some specific concerns can be quickly noticed and added to the rewiring plan. This essential job starts from €150 to €300.

How Much Does House Rewiring Costs In Ireland?

House rewiring in Ireland costs are varied depending on the size of the house, wiring complexity, and local labour costs. Rewiring a three-bedroom house would be starting from €3,500 to €5,000 . This payment entails the replacement of old wires, the installation of new sockets and switches, and the replacement of the fuse board in accordance with current electrical regulations.

The cost would be higher if a house had more bedrooms or architectural peculiarities, Moreover, make sure to get an in-depth quote from your qualified electrician to create an overall budget.

What Factors Affect the Cost of House Rewiring In Ireland?

Rewiring a house is a major and essential investment to guarantee that the electrical system is safe and operational. There are many factors that affect the price of rewiring a house that one should be aware of. This knowledge may help one financially prepare for this important update.

Size and Layout of the Home

The larger the house, the more material and labour will be required. A three-bedroom house would be cheaper to rewire than a four-bedroom or a larger house. Furthermore, houses with more walls may result in an increased cost of labour and material owing to added wiring expenses and the difficulty of installation.

Age and Condition of Existing Wiring

The other factor is upgrading the house to have additional features . For instance, additional data cables for home offices, dedicated circuits for high-power appliances, or smart home technology require more materials and time to install each extra feature, thus causing the rewiring process to be expensive.

Upgrades and Additional Features

One common factor causing the rewiring process to be expensive is the age and condition of the existing wiring; usually, older properties may have wiring that is not compliant with current electrical safety standards, or the wiring might have deteriorated. Such conditions may increase the cost of the rewiring process because if the existing wiring is too old or not strong enough, more time and materials will be utilised to safely update the home.

Accessibility of Wiring

Given the ease with which old wiring can be accessed by electricians, this has a significant impact on labour costs. Whether walls need opening or it’s difficult to reach certain areas, after the project is completed there will be more work requiring restoration and more outlay. This raises costs.

Regional Labour Costs

Labour costs may vary quite considerably between different areas in Ireland. Urban zones have higher rates than rural ones, particularly Dublin. So be sure to get multiple quotes on your rewiring project from locally based electricians if you do not wish to pay over the top for expensive prices.


To wrap up, the essential aspects of house rewiring in Ireland, including why it’s necessary, the different types available, and the various factors that influence costs. Whether your home requires full, partial, or just a consumer unit replacement, understanding these elements is crucial for planning effectively and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system. Investing in proper rewiring not only enhances safety but also boosts your property’s value by ensuring compliance with modern electrical standards.Considering rewiring your home? Contact Unique Electrical for expert advice and professional service. With a commitment to safety and quality, Unique Electrical ensures your project is managed efficiently. Don’t wait—ensure your home’s electrical integrity today. Visit Unique Electrical now for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

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