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How can we download any TikTok video on our phones?

TikTok video downloader

TikTok video downloader

TikTok video downloader is an excellent app through which you can download any TikTok video. Any TikTok video means you can download any even if they are blocked from saving.

Many apps do not let you download videos, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. So if you want to save these videos, you can go for Screen Recorder. Unfortunately, saving video through Screen Recorder will result in loss of quality.

TikTok video downloader

However, on the other side, if you talk particularly about TikTok, you can easily download the videos. It is a popular video-sharing platform, but still, some videos cannot be downloaded to TikTok. For this purpose, the TikTok video downloader is available for you to download any TikTok video.

TikTok lets you download any video unless the user specifically blocks the downloads on their account. The good thing about the TikTok platform is that you do not need an account to save the videos to your iPhone or Android phone.

On the other hand, it’s your choice if you want to log in through your TikTok account. You can download the TikTok video by scrolling down to your timeline and searching for the user you want. If you want to download your video, just go to your profile video list. When you find a particular video for downloading, there are two things you can do.

The easy way todownload TikTok video

This is an easyway to download the TikTok video. First of all, you can press and hold the middle of the screen and then choose the same video from the options that appear.

On the other hand, you can take help from the TikTok video downloader, where you just have to paste the link and click download. Most conveniently, this downloaded video is saved in your photos app. This video is saved in Google photos or stock Android.

Another way to download TikTok video

How can we download the videos that are blocked?

The download option is blocked by the creator who is creating the particular TikTok video. When you open the TikTok video, you cannot see the save video option.

But with the help of the TikTok video downloader, you can easily download the TikTok video that has specifically blocked other users from downloading.

Just go to the TikTok app and get the video you like. Then go to the video and get the URL link through the app. Copy the link and paste it into the TikTok downloader app. Then tap the download button. Now your video is saved on your Android phone or iPhone.

Does TikTok give you a notification when you view someone’s profile?

You will not get any notification if someone views your profile on TikTok.

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