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How to Boost Hair Growth

You might have heard the old adage, “The difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks.” In some cases, this is true and a bit of growth can transform your haircut. In other cases, you might need more time to grow it out!

Maybe you took a pair of kitchen scissors to your hair during quarantine. Maybe you got a pixie cut that you immediately regretted. Or maybe you want long, Rapunzel-style hair.

Whatever the case is, there are a few ways you can boost hair growth and achieve your dream look. Read on to learn how to do it!

Growing Healthy Hair

On average, you can expect about half an inch of hair growth every month. There’s very little you can do to speed up this process. But, you can improve the quality of hair that you grow.

For instance, if your hair is damaged and every month you experience about a quarter of an inch of breakage, you’re essentially cutting your natural hair growth in half.

So, the following tips will focus on a few things you can do to stimulate hair growth to the fastest rate possible. They will also focus on the things you can do to keep your hair healthy so that you can keep all the hair you have.

Vitamins and Minerals

If your diet lacks the proper nutrients, your hair won’t grow as quickly and it will be weaker and easier to break. A well-balanced diet with plenty of protein is key to building strong, healthy hair.

In addition, you need to make sure you have Omega-3 oils, vitamins C, B, E, and D. These vitamins will make sure that your hair grows quickly without sacrificing strength.

In addition, collagen is one of the best ways you can make your hair grow faster. Collagen provides amino acids, which allow your body to build hair protein. In addition, it helps prevent damage to your hair follicles.

A great way to get all these vitamins for hair growth is with this SugarBear Women’s multivitamin.

Regular Haircuts

While it may seem counterintuitive that a haircut can help your hair grow out, it’s true!

If your hair grows quickly but breaks easily, you won’t end up making much progress. A haircut won’t stimulate your follicles, but it will get rid of dead ends and broken hairs. This keeps your hair healthy and makes it less likely to break.

Massage Your Scalp

Increasing blood flow to your head can help deliver nutrients to your follicle and strengthen your hair. You can stimulate blood flow with a gentle scalp massage.

If you have hair that tends to be dry, you can massage your scalp every day. If you have oily hair, once a week is fine. This will help prevent oily buildup in your roots.

Boost Hair Growth Naturally

If you want to stimulate hair growth, don’t waste your money on expensive products that sound too good to be true. Use these simple tips to boost hair growth without breaking the bank! You’ll notice a clear difference in your hair length and health within a few weeks.

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