How to Buy Bitcoin Cash: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are looking to buy bitcoin cash, then this article is for you! You will find a step-by-step guide on how to purchase cryptocurrency. It cannot be easy to invest in digital currencies like bitcoin cash if you don’t know how it works. So, we’ll walk through how to buy bitcoin cash using a website or an app on your phone.


Step-by-step process on how to buy bitcoin cash:


  • Find a website that offers Bitcoin Cash for sale and sign up with them. You can find many different websites by doing a google search like “buy bitcoin cash.” After you’ve signed up, they should send you an email with how much money is in your account (this might take some time).


  • Look at the price of bitcoin cash relative to US dollars on the website. For example, it might be listed as being worth $230 per coin. This means that one Bitcoin Cash would cost $230 if purchased now.


  • The next step in buying bitcoin cash is to know whether to do that on a website or with an app. If you prefer, we also have written instructions for how to buy bitcoin cash using Coinbase(later in the article), one of the most popular exchanges in North America.


  • To buy bitcoin cash, you need a wallet. You can find several wallets online that are free and offer various levels of security from beginner to expert. One great site for getting started is, which provides both an app and browser extension, so you don’t have to download anything directly on your computer or mobile device.


  • When you first open up the website, click on “Wallet” in the top left. A window will pop up in the center of your screen.


  • Under the “Create a new wallet” header, click on “Wallet address.” You’ll need to give your bitcoin cash wallet an easy-to-remember name and then enter how many addresses you want it to generate.


  • Confirm your information and then click on “Create a new wallet.”


  • Finally, click on “wallet address” again, and copy your bitcoin cash wallet’s public key. (the long string of numbers in the middle).


You can also create a paper wallet by downloading one from or another site that offers this service, creating a new private/public key pair offline with an application like, printing.


Blockchain is the most popular site for getting started when you have no prior experience to go through that process in this article.


Another great option for beginners looking for more security would be Coinbase or Exodus (both apps).


How do I sell my Bitcoins in exchange for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? 


The answer would be buying them back into existence with fiat currencies like USD to get whatever amount of BCH they want at current market rates through exchanges like Coinbase/GDAX or ShapeShift.


How do I find Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in my Blockchain account? 


Visit – type your email address/username & password into the login form and click the “SIGN IN” button.


  • log in to your account from there by clicking on the “GET STARTED.”


  • tab at the bottom of the page, typing in how much BCH you want to buy, selecting how you would like to pay for it (USD, EUR, etc.), then proceed with check out process: choose how many coins you want as well as how fast they will be delivered to your wallet (instantaneous or after a certain time).
  • Finally, pay using one of their available payment methods listed under ‘Payment Methods.’ You can also visit the Bitcoin Cash Wallet page for more details and how to buy bitcoin cash.


How do I find BCH in my Coinbase/GDAX account?


Sign in to your account – visit “Accounts” on top of the navigation bar, then select “ETH (Ether)” or whichever cryptocurrency you own. Next, click on “+ Add More,” a new row should appear, giving you an option to add BTC and BCH. Next, select how much bitcoin cash you would like to purchase from the drop-down menu next to it and follow through with the checkout process: enter how many coins you want, how fast they will be delivered, etc., pay using one of their available payment methods listed under ‘Payment Methods.’ You can also visit the Bitcoin Cash Wallet page for more details and how to buy bitcoin cash.


I hope this article was helpful for you. You should go and get your Bitcoin cash now!



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