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How to Control Your Anger with Little Effort?

How to Control Your Anger with Little Effort

Most of us have an angry bird in the circle. They often burst out when someone cuts them in traffic, interrupt their discussion, breaks their favourite artefacts, and more. However, failing to tame your anger can lead to various troubles. These include pointless yelling, misbehaving closed ones, mistreating others, undergoing health conditions, and fighting with co-workers.

Fortunately, not every anger issue is serious. Sometimes, it is just about over thinking, overstressing, and over exaggerating things. In my group, I am the angry bird. However, I have successfully found some successful ways to tame my temper. You can take tips from my guide and learn anger management.

Tips To Control Your Anger

Managing your anger does not mean you do not ever get angry. It is about realizing how you can recognize, express, and cope up with your anger. I believe everyone can learn this skill if they try.

Below, I have discussed some easy practices that help tame anger very soon.

Realize Your Triggers

If you are most often an angry bird, try to notice things that get you angry. Sometimes long lines, rude judgements, traffic jams, and frustration results in shortening your fuse.

Understand that you must not blame people and circumstances for getting you angry. If you lose temper quickly, it is your problem. Interestingly, the reasons that turn you to a shouting psycho can also help you stay cool.

I structure my day according to my triggers and escape them smartly. Avoid annoying people, take a different road to skip traffic, and ignore judgements to keep cool. For more, follow the other tips I am sharing.

Do Things You Love

Remember, if certain events and objects can get you angry, you must look for stuff that can calm you. Doing things you love is always a fantastic way to hold your temper instantly.

People prefer listening to music, watching TV, and staying alone when angry. In my case, I believe shopping can relax my mood. I have a habit of hunting for online discount codes from leading brands. Later, I use these to feel happy by enjoying a big discount.

Think of activities you love and prepare your calm down list for such situations. Do you like to eat chocolates or visit the garden? Think about it!

Understand Your Anger

Sometimes, anger can be healthy in a situation. It is necessary to evaluate what your temper can do in a particular case. If you come across an unhealthy and unfriendly situation, losing temper may be positive.

For instance, experiencing an abusive relationship or false friendship, you may act against it with anger. Similarly, if your temper can cause hurt or distress to someone, you must handle it. Regretting your actions when angry is a sign of wrong temper.

Try to realize the difference between situations where you must tame anger rather than the situation.

Find Your Warning Signs

If you are like me, you get angry in a second. In such case, you do not even realize you lost temper. Nevertheless, if you focus keenly, there are still warning signs you can hunt. Interestingly, once you find these signs, you can find a way to calm down before your temper goes on the peak.

Think of the physical movements you experience when in rage. For instance, a faster heartbeat, instant headache, and hotter face are common symptoms. I clench my fists with an alarming red face when angry.

If you successfully recognize these warning signs, you can get a chance to take instant action against your temper. Prevent yourself from getting angry whenever you can. Always pay attention to yourself and you can work in favour of yourself.

Discuss With a Friend

Discussing with a close friend and expressing your feeling can help calm down anger. However, keep in mind that venting sometimes can backfire and result negatively. It is because discussing an unfortunate situation or an unpleasant person again can boost your anger.

Often people believe that expressing your feelings and bursting out can tame temper. Nevertheless, the mantra is to vent your anger in a way that can relax you.

Understand that when you talk to a friend, work on a solution to hold your temper. I always talk about positive things when angry to feel better.

Control Your Thoughts

Fuming thoughts can fire your anger. You often think, “I hate traffic” or “this person is pathetic” and get angrier.  Soon as you understand negative thoughts can fume your temper, repurpose them.

You had better focus on the positives and realities to feel good. Think something like, “If I keep getting on the road this time, traffic is obvious” or “I must not think about unnecessary people.”

Focusing on positive thoughts can help you control your anger. Often people develop a rhythm of saying, “its okay I am not angry” repeatedly to hold temper. You can try this method too.

Work On Relaxation

There are plenty of relaxation exercises to help you control your anger. You must try to find the best one and feel better. The two most common strategies practiced by many include muscle relaxation and breathing exercise.

Further, there are ways to reduce tension and feel better. You can work on the quick and easy ways and handle things before they get out of hands. Tame your temper instantly and relax now.

Keep in mind; you must keep these relaxation exercises in practice. It is possible that you will not find these effective in the first attempt. However, practice makes a man perfect, so keep trying.

The Takeaway

Learning how to control your anger is easier than getting angry. Always follow the best practices that can tame temper and make life better.

Do you get angry often? Share these tips with those angry birds in your circle and help them. If there are any other ways through which you can tame anger, let me know in the comments below. Share a kind word with others and smile!


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