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How to Create a High Quality Motorcycle Audio System

Studies show that 8% of all U.S. households have at least one motorcycle parked in the garage. Are you one of the lucky ones who gets to cruise the open road on your beloved bike?

If so, then you know that you can’t scrimp on motorcycle audio. The right system can make or break your ride, so it pays to invest in the best. Today, we’re sharing how to kick your sound system up a notch and really make a difference.

Check Your Speakers

Before you touch any other part of your motorcycle audio system, take a look at your existing speakers. Are you still rocking the same factory ones that came standard on your bike? If so, it might be time to upgrade them.

Look for waterproof speakers that can stand up against the elements, including the sun’s UV rays. The best ones will offer plenty of protection around the cones and surrounds for years of high-quality performance. To really amplify your sound, you can also look for new compression drivers with aluminum horns!

Before you re-install new speakers in the same locations as the former ones, take the time to strategize their placement. There are a few different spots you can install speakers on your bike, and that decision can affect the overall audio output.

Some riders prefer to mount their speakers on their bike’s handlebars, so the audio ejects right at their ears. Keep in mind, however, that this can alter the look of your bike, as well as its usability in certain models. To avoid this issue, look for speaker pods that can attach to various locations on your bike, including the lower front fairing and the lid of your saddlebag.

Invest in Amplifiers

Next, you’ll also need a premium sound amplifier. Invest in a high-power, high-efficiency model that will deliver excellent sound at every turn. This will allow you to turn up your music as high as you want to without worrying about distorting the quality.

It will also help you drown out the inevitable noise of wind against your ears, as well as the sound of your bike’s exhaust. If possible, try to find an amplifier that will fit in your bike’s front fairing or saddlebag. You can even find factory amplifiers that will fit seamlessly above your bike’s factory radio.

Add Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can change the song you’re playing at any time, just by speaking near the motorcycle sound system. This is a great way to enjoy hands-free audio control on the road. When you go this route, you can also avoid installing any auxiliary cable ports for your phone.

You should be able to set the system up on your own by following the instructions that came with your device.

Amplify Your Motorcycle Audio Today

Motorcycles and music just go together, and you deserve excellent quality on the road. When you upgrade your motorcycle audio system, you can exercise creative control over how much output you generate, where the music comes from, and how great it sounds.

All you need now is a beautiful day, an empty agenda, and the open highway. Looking for more tips to help you live your best life? Check out our Lifestyle section!

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