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How to Delete Google Voice Number?

How to Delete Google Voice Number?

Google voice app gives a wonderful service, but there could be a time when you will need to delete Google Voice number. You can always get a new one, and it is relatively simple. Anyway, we will give you a step by step guide on how to delete your Google Voice number. Let’s get started.

Steps on how to Delete your Google Voice Number

If you have a G-suit account, you will not be able to get rid of this account number, by the way. The reason is, your organization will most probably handle this number. Other than that, it is possible to delete Google voice number.

Before you delete your Google voice number, you can transfer your number from Google Voice to another app just so you know. Alright, let’s get rid of this number:

  1. From your computer or any browser from any device, go to Google voice main page. (voice.google.com)
  2. When you log in, press the menu icon at the top of the screen with three horizontal lines.
  3. Go to the settings menu.
  4. Now you will need to turn off voicemail for each linked number. Just click “Voicemail” on the left and uncheck the box.
  5. Now on the left, click “Account.”
  6. Now under your Google Voice account, click the “Delete” button. It will take you to a different place.
  7. Now next to your Google Voice number, there is a “Delete” button. Press it
  8. Click “Proceed,” and your Google Voice number will be deleted.

And there you go, this is how you delete your Google Voice number.

But what happens to that number

After deleting your Google Voice number, you will get 90 days of time to recover your number. If you want to recover that number, then:

  1. Go to your account in the same process.
  2. Go to the menu and click the “Legacy Google Voice” button.
  3. Now from that menu, find the “Get your old number back” button. Click on it, and you will find a box.
  4. Now add a linked number to it. And that’s it.

If you don’t want to recover that number, however, then within 90 days, it will be passed to another user or in their suggestion list.

Keep in mind that you can’t delete everything. There are a few restrictions when it comes to deleting this kind of thing.

If you use “Sprint”, another app, with your Google Voice number, or let’s say you paid to transfer this number, then you won’t be able to delete it. It will not let you interrupt the transfer process. And in general, the transferring of your Voice number is a much better idea.

Also, keep in mind that deleting your Google Voice number will not delete the messages in your inbox. You will have to manually delete the messages and all other communications and then hit delete. That way it will be permanent.

Final word

That’s all you need to know how to delete your Google Voice number. Hope this helps you out on whatever reason, you are trying to delete your Voice number. Thank you for reading.


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