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How to disable comments on Instagram?

How to disable comments on Instagram?

The popular application of recent years, Instagram has come with a feature that will surprise us again!

Instagram, which is actively used in our country, has a very nice feature.

Instagram comment blocking feature attracts the attention of many users

Instagram users who have checked their profiles since the announcement of this feature have not yet seen this feature reflected in their accounts.

The Instagram comment closing feature, which was developed and put into the broadcast, started to be reflected in the profiles of the currently active users gradually.

What features will we encounter with the incoming update?

Buy Instagram followers UK can list these features in 2 ways;

To explain these 2 features we will encounter are as follows;

Turning Off Comment Feature on Instagram

Thanks to the button to turn off the comment feature, which will come to the settings section of your profile in your Instagram account, it is possible to turn this feature off completely or to certain people. Thus, you can keep the photo you want away from unwanted comments.

This means that you will be able to limit the comments section of the photos you share to everyone or the people you choose.

With this feature, you can quickly get rid of the comments they will make instead of blocking the users you do not want. After all, you can follow whatever you want, but you may not want to see everyone’s comments.

However, if you think you are a very famous person or get too many comments… You can turn off the complete comment feature and get rid of all comments.

Comment Filtering on Instagram

Another feature of us, our feature of filtering comments is one of the most beautiful features in my opinion.

Thanks to this feature, I am sharing my head comfortably and I don’t have to worry about checking my comments one by one.

With unnecessary comments, the profiles no longer have to be contaminated. It was like a Domestic advertisement, but it was done

With this feature, we can say END to troll comments and ad comments.

See .. (gt, follow tracks, instant gt, top) Don’t do it :))


We have prepared a small explanation for friends who want to find out if this feature has come to their account or how you can activate it

You come to your profile and enter the settings section.

If “comments” appears under the “Cellular data usage” button when we scroll down later. Congratulations

You can use this comment closing feature activated in your account. Let’s continue with our other narrative pictures.

Clicking on the Comments button will bring up the page above.

With the “hide inappropriate comments” option, comments using the sentences you set in your account will be automatically hidden.

How to close comments on Instagram? In addition to all the information we have written about those who are curious about the subject, you can find all the information about the Instagram Color Commenting Feature, which is one of the new features of Instagram.

As I slowly come to the end of our article, I think some wonder, so I share the accounts below where these features are activated.

Stay healthy and stay tuned.

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