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How to Effectively Manage Iron in Your Well Water

best iron filter for well water

Many people living in homes with well water have experienced the effects of water that’s rich in iron. While iron isn’t bad for your health, it can cause unsightly stains in your sinks, toilet bowls and other fixtures around your home. If you’ve ever noticed orange stains where water flows in areas of your home, this is caused by iron in the water. This iron may be visible in your water when it runs, or your water could be perfectly clear and still be rich with iron. Either way, if you want the stains to go away, the most effective way to tackle the problem over the long term is to remove the iron from your water as it enters your home. 

Filtering out Visible Iron

There are several different ways to deal with iron in water. Some people rely on very fine filters that take out solid iron particles from the water. This approach can work for some water sources if they are orange in color while running. If you notice your water has an orange color to it, you need a fine filter to pull these little iron compounds from your water. You can use special filters to take most of these particles out of your water, but you may need specialized nano filters in order to handle this issue. Finding the best iron filter for well water can be difficult to do, but you should look at the specific conditions of your water and use that information to help you pinpoint the filter that will work best for you. 

Removing Clear Water Iron

If you’re dealing with iron stains but your water is fully clear, you likely have ferrous “clear water” iron. This isn’t a difficult problem to treat, but it does require a different approach. You’ll have to rely on a water softener system instead of a filtration system to get rid of the iron in your water. That’s because the tiny iron particles are actually dissolved right into the water and they can’t simply be strained out. 

By working with experts to help you find a high-quality water softener system, you can get a kit that effectively swaps sodium in for the iron in the water to create a soft and pleasant water source that won’t stain the fixtures around your home. These systems can be installed by a professional and they show promising results shortly after installation. A water softener system can also help protect your home’s appliances and plumbing from issues caused by other minerals in your water supply, making them an excellent investment overall. 

Handling Most Iron Issues at Home

While it’s enough for some homeowners to buy an iron filter or to invest in a water softener, many need both solutions to remedy their issue. It’s common for homes with iron in the well water to have visible iron as well as some clear water iron too. For instances like these a multi-system approach is best for dealing with the problem. Homeowners rely on a filter to get rid of the large particles and then send the water through a softener to remove the tiny iron ions in exchange for sodium. Different water types require different setups, but having access to a high-quality filtration system can have a huge impact on the overall quality of your home’s water supply. 

Improving the Overall Taste of Your Water

Along with removing iron from your water, installing high-quality filtration units and a water softener on your home’s water supply can also improve the taste and overall quality of your drinking water as well. If your water has an unpleasant aftertaste to it, you can work with a water specialist to help you determine what filters and tools you can use to fix that issue. Take the time to examine different whole-house and single-source filters and to choose a product that will give you the results you’re after. The right professionals will understand how to change your water for the better, then you just have to take their advice and get the necessary equipment. 

If you’re tired of unpleasant iron stains and all the issues that iron in your water causes, invest in equipment to help you take control of your iron problem and give you the clear water you’ve always wanted. With a few simple products you can dramatically improve the quality of the water flowing through your home. Just be sure to consult experts about your specific water in order to handle your quality issues effectively.

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