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How to improve Your Two-Way Radio Range: 3 Easy Tips

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This question must come to your mind once in a while that, how far will I be able to use radio range? Well, defining verbally how far the radio range can be is difficult. There are a lot of factors that determine the range of the radio.

In this is a blog post, we will share with you the three tips for how to improve your two-way radio range. By changing a few factors, you can extend your radio range.

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3 Easy Tips to Improve Radio Range

These tips are best for those users who want to enjoy the best of their two-way radios. No need to spend more investment apply these tips and enjoy long-range radio at one go.

What quality of battery you have put in your radio will directly affect the performance of your radio. Low-strength batteries also make the range low. Use a battery tester to investigate your radio battery power level. The tester makes sure that the battery power is at the standard range.

Walkie Talkie batteries are way weaker than mobile batteries. Use branded mobile batteries in your radio to improve its range. While purchasing the battery, make sure that it is compatible with your radio. Daily inspect your battery condition.

The good rule of thumb says, the larger the antenna is, the further the radio range goes. So how about using a 6 feet antenna? Well, no real need to do that, and let’s see why.

The easiest and the cheapest way to improve your radio’s range is to use a good quality external antenna. It may be bulky in size, but can easily be connected to your two-way radio within seconds. The range boost expected can be so significant that your coverage may increase in multipliers.

An alternative thing you can do is to buy a radio with a larger antenna or better electronics. Despite the continuous improvement of electronic equipment and built-in antennas by the top two-way radios manufacturers, the external antenna remains the most effective solution.

No matter how up-to-date you keep the radio, if the environment is not suitable for the radio, it will lag in performance. In a normal environment, a two-way radio can easily transmit signals up to 35 miles. But even if the scenario is free of obstacles, the earth curvature will still cut the signals at 5-6 miles.

In addition to houses, trees, valleys, and hills, the signals can drop furthermore.

So, before deciding on which two-way radio to purchase, make sure to investigate the surrounding. For open areas, a VHF radio is perfect. This model is capable of cutting the obstacles and pass signals through them.

But if you are looking for a radio for compact areas, then choose a UHF two-way radio.


The performance of the two-way radio becomes heart-warming when it reaches the desired range. Rather than investing in expensive radios, it is better to improve your standard radio range. The mentioned tips are some of the most used tips available.

Keep it in your mind that the choice of the surrounding will directly impact your radio range. If you want to use the two-way radio in open areas, then consider having VHF models. Or if you want to use the radio in small areas, or cars, then UHF models will be best for you.

Lastly, make sure to use a large antenna and high-quality radio battery. Do proper care of your radio to keep its performance out-standing.

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