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How to post Instagram videos on Snapchat

How to post Instagram videos on Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat are excellent social media apps being used by every second person these days. They are providing an ideal platform for people to create interactive, engaging, and entertaining content. Nonetheless, these two apps have many similarities when it comes to features, image transitions, and filters, but at the same time, both are unique and diverse in their own way.

One of many features of Instagram and Snapchat is the freedom of posting the content at any time of the day, and the content could be anything such as video, text, image, and audio. Most people who use social media networks actively use Instagram and Snapchat interchangeably.

If you have an account on Instagram, you should have one on Snapchat as well because your content will reach a large number of audience. That is only achievable when you have more than one social platform to use for your personal or business promotion.  Social Followers, the service aimed to provide instagram followers and likes in UK has contributed this guide to let you know how to post an Instagram video to snapchat. How To Block block someone on snapchat.

What’s the best praise-worthy thing about these social networks? These apps provide unlimited ways to the user for promoting their content.

How to upload an Instagram video on Snapchat:

It’s quite possible to upload an Instagram video on SnapchatThere are the easiest two to three methods to do it and here are the steps that you can follow for that:

Method 1: Saving the Instagram video and uploading it to Snapchat.

This is the most widely used method for sharing movies or videos to Snapchat, and you won’t have any difficulty using it . It is an effortless way to follow through as well.

If you have a hard time trimming the videos and cutting down a particular section, you can use the editor on your mobile phone. Many high-end phones come with photo and video editing capabilities to allow the users to trim the videos and add strikers or texts. If you have one, make the most of it, or else you can simply go to Google Playstore, download a video editor and use it to trim the video before you post it on your Snapchat profile. It’s so simple.

Method 2: Adding Snapchat account to the linked accounts on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that always provides an ease to its user. The Instagram app developers have added an option to allow the users to link and sync their multiple social networks. With this option, you can add your other social accounts (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and use them all together without logging out of the current one. . it will enable you to share your content from Instagram to other platforms. Sync your Instagram with your Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat if you wish to pose content from it on all three networks all at once.

To be able to upload a video to Snapchat directly from Instagram account, you have to follow the listed set of instructions:

Method 3: Copying URL

Another method to upload an Instagram video on Snapchat is copying the URL link of the video.

Initially, you have to upload an Instagram video. After uploading the video, copy the URL link of the video on your phone. Now go to your Snapchat account and post a snap story with the link. It will barely take a few seconds to do it.

Tip: While uploading the URL link of the Instagram video on Snapchat, try to customize the snap. You can do that by adding a text or changing the background. Adding a text will inform your viewers about the link and how to access it. This tip will be beneficial to you and also your audience.

How “sharing of Instagram video on Snapchat” will improve your online discoverability?

Being on social media is one thing but having social discoverability is another.

Online discoverability is mostly craved by independent influencers or business brands . Logically, the content would not mean anything if it’s not getting any attention from readers or customers.

Although images are the easiest way to promote your brand or personal identity, I would recommend you go for videos. Videos are a perfect way to portray your ideas and are much more refined on a visual level. The audience also enjoys them more. So, sharing videos will increase the watching time and may be helpful in Snapchat score increase. As a result, your discoverability will automatically rise.

Moreover, posting videos from Instagram on Snapchat will escalate the number of viewers. This activity will diversify your content more, grabbing more attention on social networks.

Instead of posting videos individually on each network one by one, you can upload them on one video and reshare on the best ones. It will save you a lot of time. The time you will spend sharing the same video on each network could make more videos for improving your social presence and performance.


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