How to print SMS from Android mobile?

print SMS from Android mobile

After the release of Google Pixel 6 series Android smartphones, there is a rumor or speculation of Oppo smartphones attempting to bring out their own high-end custom chipset. If successful, you can then find every new Oppo smartphone fitted with their new custom chipset. 

Smartphones using a custom-made chipset from their own phone companies is not a new thing. For instance, Google Pixel 6 series uses a Tensor chipset bespoke by Google. The same goes for famous smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung. Although not from the initial stage itself, these phone companies have developed their own custom chipset for their smartphones rather than using others. As such, you can still find Qualcomm chipsets on some Samsung smartphone series. 

As for the arrival of Oppo’s new custom-made chipset, it is rumored to be available by the year 2023 or 2024. It is still a long way to go as its complex development all depends on speed and successful trials. Like every other smartphone manufactured by the Chinese market, Oppo also uses Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets on all its Android smartphones. 

Nonetheless, the Oppo Android smartphone is in talks to using its custom chipset will eventually improve the Oppo companies branding as producing high-end smartphones. However, on the other hand, although this development is going to take time to become a reality, you can instead still use the SMS EasyReader&Printer on the Oppo Android mobiles irrespective of its chipset model and phone version. 

The software tool mentioned here, the SMS EasyReader&Printer, is an SMS and MMS printing solution. You can directly print out the essential and confidential SMS and other text conversations from your Android mobile itself. You also should not do extra work like customizing the printing file type. This helpful software program supports any file format on any device, irrespective of its screen size or quality. In fact, an Android mobile phone running on a low-end chipset does not even come under the elements that this application might consider for its applicability. 

So, if by any chance there arises a situation where you need to take a printout of your essential text conversations and MMS, this SMS EasyReader&Printer will prove to be very helpful. Now that you know such an application exists, how will you go forward after this? Let me tell you the steps to use this to print SMS Android

The steps are very straightforward. First, take your Android mobile and download the SMS EasyExporter. When it is installed, create an external file named Now, export whatever SMS and MMS you want to print out to that external file on the app. Next, open the website of SMS EasyReader&Printer on your laptop or other connected devices for printing.

When you launch the website for the application in question, you will notice a space to upload your exported SMS file. As the upload is done, click on Print SMS or MMS and start printing. So, you see, isn’t it simple enough without any technicalities in the overall process! Well, when you begin printing text messages from Android mobile, just make sure that your devices are well connected. 

So, coming back, Oppo smartphone is already a high-end smartphone manufacturer. While Oppo is on its way to using its own custom chipset is a good thing as an Android mobile brand, it is not a piece of pretty good news for Qualcomm, with whom they have such a year-long partnership. And when Oppo finally gets its own chipset changed, you can expect other smartphone brands like Realme, OnePlus, Vivo, too, could get their custom chipsets eventually.

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