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How to Register for Local Chinese Services outside China

There are many different websites and apps in China. The choice is really wide. But there is also one problem with those online services. Most of them require users to complete verification of a mobile phone number that should be issued by a local cellular provider or by a provider from a neighboring country. This requirement makes it impossible for foreigners to sign up for them, even though they are not going to do anything prohibited. Looking for a way to register with Weibo, Tantan, Pinduoduo, and other platforms? Chinese online numbers are the best and only solution to this request.

What is a Chinese online number?

Such a number is a mobile phone number issued by one of the providers in China. However, instead of its classic alternative, it is used via special websites and apps. They are available on the web and allow everyone to buy an online phone number from any country. You only need any device with an internet connection to access one of those number-providing platforms.

Since online numbers are operated on a global internet network, users can utilize them not only wherever but also wherever they need. There is no need to reach anyone and wait as every service in this industry works automatically and precludes interaction with anyone except in the event of technical problems. You can use numbers even at night when everyone is sleeping.

Low price

Online phone numbers have many advantages. Each of them deserves attention, although the most important one is that they are not expensive. While one SIM card costs a few dollars, an online number can be purchased much cheaper. Basically, the price of a number depends on two factors:

So, the price of online numbers may vary greatly. But in most cases, it doesn’t go above $1. Moreover, services that provide them often offer good discounts for those who are going to purchase in bulk. You can additionally save a lot of money with them.

Using an online phone number from China

There are not many platforms that provide numbers issued by cellular providers in China. Users have the opportunity to operate them only with a few companies, including SMS-Man. They have been offering online numbers from this country for many years and support all popular local services. These steps explain how to take advantage of their offer:

1. Register a profile on sms-man.com.

2. Find a suitable payment method on the recharge tab and use it to top up the balance.

3. Proceed to the main page of the website. First, select China among other supported countries. Then use the search feature to find the platform for which you would like to register.

4. Click on “Buy SMS”.

5. Get an ordered online phone number.

The next and last step is simple. You need to copy the online number and paste it into the appropriate field when signing up for the selected service. Once the service has sent to the number SMS with the verification code, go back to SMS-Man and click “Receive SMS”. There will be a set of digits. Enter it into the verification form and finish account registration.

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