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How to use TikTok- Beginner guide to TikTok


Instagram was yesterday. For years, TikTok has been the social medium for teenagers to exchange ideas and present themselves with one another. Very few of them have even experienced the Facebook hype. But not only young people cavort on the video platform. An older community is also increasingly taking hold. How do TikTok works and how to get noticed on this platform?

TikTok works that easy!

On TikTok, users can upload short videos with music. The app provides filters with which the uploaded clips can be adjusted and edited. Then they can be shared and rated with others. The TikTok app has now driven Instagram, WhatsApp, and Co. from the top of the worldwide download charts. People buy TikTok views and followers to take the lead on this platform.

Like, share, or follow?

If a TikTok video is so good that you want to show it on your own profile, you can share it with your followers. The function for this is hidden on the right in the long navigation bar: an arrow. There you will also find a heart symbol for likes, or a speech bubble for comments or the possibility to follow the author of the TikTok. There is a function to save the music of a clip so that you can use it later for your own TikTok. In case of having more followers on your video, buy TikTok followers, and enjoy the stardom on this platform.

Create your first TikTok


To create a video yourself, first, click on the plus symbol in the middle of the menu bar – and a camera view with the round shutter button appears in the middle. Using the menu bar to the left of the camera, you can apply a filter to the clip, change the speed, etc. You can search for suitable music for the video using the note symbol.

When you are finished with your video, you tap on “Stop.” Then you have the opportunity to look at it again, edit it if necessary – and finally publish it. It is advisable to give the video at least a title and to provide it with appropriate #hashtags.

If you regret the publication, only one thing helps: delete the video. To do this, select the video again, click on the three dots – and away with it.

How to get more likes and followers on TikTok?


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