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Is an Advanced Business Degree a Good Choice?

Whether you want to improve your knowledge of business in general or are considering specialising in a certain business topic like economics, marketing, finance, or management, choosing to study business at university can be a great option for anybody who wants to make it in a business career or even start their own company in the future. Business graduates tend to do quite well when it comes to finding employment, especially those who have advanced degree qualifications that are designed to help you build a solid foundation for a lucrative and successful business career. Whether you want to direct a large organisation, work in another upper management position, start your own marketing agency or launch a new start-up, an advanced business degree could be the first step towards success.

If you already have relevant experience and some business education, is going a step further to get an advanced business degree worth it?

Why Get an Advanced Business Degree?

An advanced business degree qualification could help to improve your career prospects significantly. A qualification like Aston University’s Online DBA can help you demonstrate your credibility as a business professional and make you eligible for a wider range of advanced business career options including management and more. Getting this qualification can improve your resume significantly and make it easier for you to stand out from the crowd of applicants when looking for new career opportunities. With business an increasingly popular topic at both the bachelor’s and master’s level, an advanced degree like the DBA can help you stand out in a very competitive market and make sure that your prospective employers notice your skills and knowledge.

Reasons to Study Business

Getting an advanced degree such as a master’s or doctorate in any subject can be an ideal way to take your career up a level. However, degree courses that are designed to specialise in a certain business subject can be an even better investment in your future business career depending on the type of role that you are considering getting into in the future. A master’s degree or doctorate degree in business administration, management, finance, economics, or marketing can be very versatile when it comes to the career options that it can help you get into and provide you with transferable skills and knowledge that you can use in a wide range of roles and industries. In addition to giving you the option to develop a range of business-specific skills, getting an advanced business degree can be an excellent way for you to develop various important soft skills that are very highly sought-after in the business world and many other industries such as communication skills, decision-making skills, critical thinking skills and leadership skills.

How to Choose the Right Advanced Business Degree

If getting an advanced business degree is something that you have decided on to boost your future career, the first step is to spend some time researching the different options that are available to you, so that you can choose the best option for your future career goals. Both masters and doctorate degrees in business offer more options to specialise in different subjects and have more professional development opportunities for you to take advantage of compared to undergraduate courses. Because of this, your choice of degree is going to be a very significant decision and there is more to think about than just the course itself. Consider any work placements and experience that you will be able to get through the university you choose, networking opportunities, university reputation, and spend some time checking out what graduates of the course are doing now.

Networking Opportunities

Getting an advanced business degree will provide you with a lot of great opportunities to build your professional network for your future career and make valuable connections with other professionals in your field. Whether you are considering starting your own business in the future or want to boost your future employment prospects, there are lots of things to consider to make the most of your experience at university and get the best results from this investment in your education. Networking is perhaps one of the best things that you can proactively do to get more from your advanced degree, as this gives you the chance to build professional relationships with people who may be able to help you take your career further.

Career Options for Advanced Business Degree Graduates

With an advanced business degree qualification, there are many different career options to consider. Some of the most popular roles for MBA and DBA graduates include:

Business Development Manager

This role is responsible for creating and managing the future business plans of a company. In this position, you will build and maintain professional and positive relationships with partners, clients, suppliers, and other key groups and individuals. An advanced business degree will provide you with the ability to see the bigger picture and the solid understanding of how the business works that is required for this role.

Business Analyst

If you are interested in big data and how it is having a growing impact in today’s business world, business analytics can be a lucrative career option to consider. To work in this role, you should choose an advanced business degree that is focused on the subject of data science or data analytics. There are more positions than ever available, and the demand is growing for professionals as the number of businesses that collect and use data in their everyday operations rises.

Business Ownership

Finally, if you want to be a successful business owner in the future, an advanced business degree is a great way to build the foundation that you need for a successful entrepreneurial career. With nine out of ten businesses failing in their first year of operations, gaining key knowledge and skills from an advanced business degree course can help you become the one in ten.

Whether you are aiming for a successful business career or want to start your own company, getting an advanced business degree can lead to excellent return on investment.

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