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Is MrBeast Burger Worth The Hype

MrBeast knew the perfect way to make hype about his burgers. When he opened his first MrBeast Burger in North Carolina, he offered money and expensive goodies to people for eating the burgers. Due to this, a 20-mile traffic jam was caused and when he launched his 300 stores overnight, there was so much hype that his delivery even got crashed. But is MrBeast Burger worth the hype?

Well for some people MrBeast Burger was worth the hype while others overruled the hype. Some people who ordered the burgers had positive reviews while others had some negative ones. The negative reviews were mostly due to receiving incorrect orders, bad quality of food and late deliveries.

So you must be having doubts in your mind that should you go after the hype or not. But don’t worry you can decide that for yourself after reading this article till the end. I will be sharing some famous YouTuber’s and Twitterati reviews that would definitely help you decide what will the best option for you.

Is Trying MrBeast Burger Worth the Hype or Not

Let some famous YouTubers help you decide whether you should follow the hype of the MrBeast Burger menu or or not.

ReviewBrah gives MrBeast Burger a 7 out of 10.


ReviewBrah concluded his review in 3 points:

Experience wasn’t bad but won’t try next time.


Let’s breakdown her review for all the menu she tried.

I give this burger eight and a half out of ten.


Logan Paul said that he likes the packaging and that the burgers are perfectly greased.

Mike, at last, concluded by saying that these burgers are better than In-N-Out and MrBeast can achieve anything he wants.

Matt Stonie liked all the burgers.


He finished the entire menu in less than 10:39 minutes. He added extra beef patty to the burgers and liked every burger on the menu.

Now let’s have a look on some of tweets posted on Twitter.

One Twitter user named BigCat said she was excited to try the burgers for the first time but the sandwiches were wrong, fries were seriously lacking and disgusting and cookies were sad. At last, she said I don’t recommend it.

Another user said that her teacher in the class got obsessed with the food and that the food was good.

The reason why most people have negative reviews about MrBeast Burger is because they were served cold food, raw food and incorrect orders.

Now the question is that should you try out the burgers or not? See if you are in the beast community, then you should definitely give the burgers a try at least once and get to know more about him and his team. Don’t go after the reviews on the internet but you and make your own experience with the burgers.

His brand is just 3 months old and they are going to face some challenges as they don’t have any prior experience in the food industry but with the passage of time, they are going to improve their overall quality and open more new outlets. So give it a try and let us know your reviews in the comment section below.

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