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Know the upcoming best things in men’s fashion that will set you apart

The first thing about male fashion in this new year has to be Satin. It isn’t for drapes only. Satin’s ultra-close and compact weave generates that liquid, glossy surface you know it best for.

Body bags and appeal

The new trends coming up are the red carpet, street style, or women’s fashion scores. There are other nostalgias that you had thought will never return.

For winter or fall

With seasons passing by, designers are playing their failsafe and best cards. The runaways are seeing leather lashings, faux-fur, and extreme padding and oversized shoulders.

Let the trends show

Wear a voguish Cuban collar shirt to feel the lively summer breeze. With short sleeves and distinctive collars, they’re an easy way of jazzing up your outfit and making a real statement.

Best moves in menswear

The cure for your exhaustion from a long walk or day out is easier than you think. You have a slightly higher zipper and rise down the sides to make your choicest boots look and feel new.

When you have the seriously warm, wavy and cozy puffers, you don’t need to tread elsewhere. Free collars will also make headlines this year.





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