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Log Cabins for Sale in Smoky Mountains, NC and How to Get the Best Deals

Log Cabins for Sale in Smoky Mountains, NC and How to Get the Best Deals

Have you ever been to the Smoky Mountains alone or with your family, rented a cabin, stayed for a while and came back but can’t stop thinking of going back regularly? That’s how most vacationers that stayed in the Great Smokies feel too.

Suppose you’ve heard about the area from people who have visited and itching to go there, or investors have talked about how the Great Smokies has become a top place for real estate investment; we recommend visiting Smoky Mountain and staying in one of the beautiful log homes there.

Suppose you wish to buy log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains, NC, you’ll need an expert guide to enable you to make an informed decision. While you might have an idea of how lucrative log cabins are as an investment, it’s not always that simple.

There’s much to know if you intend to find the best deals when buying log cabins for sale available in Smoky Mountains, NC. We’ll address these points, including the current log cabin market, whether cabins are great investments options, and if their prices will continue to rise.

The Current Log Cabin Market

The Smoky Mountains, NC log cabin market has been a seller’s market for nearly two years. However, the last year has witnessed the most aggressive market seen in almost one decade.

The good news is that properties that are priced within reason and in excellent condition will receive offers immediately after they hit the market in a seller’s market.

These log homes for sale receive multiple offers in most cases, and property might sell more than the initial asking price. Hence, you’ll need to work with a real estate agent specializing in log cabin investment in the Smoky Mountains for the best deals.

Buying a log cabin isn’t the same as residential real estate. Most times, you might be faced with placing offers on these cabins without seeing them. Once again, that’s why you need an experienced realtor like Avery Carl to give you factual data about the property.

Although these facts and data may disqualify more cabins than they qualify, you need a real estate agent who acts in your best interest. However, before hiring one, ensure you research and discover what others have to say about them.

Is Log Cabin Investment Expensive

Like your home, a log cabin will need “preventative” maintenance. Notice our emphasis on the word preventative. For instance, after buying NC mountain cabins for sale, you’ll need to stain the woods every three to five years, depending on the weather and exposure.

However, the cost of staining the woods vary depending on the land where it’s located, its position on the ground, and cabin size. A small log cabin of roughly 1,000 square feet can cost about $1,500 to $3,000. In comparison, large log homes might start from the $5,000 to $7,000 range.

These jobs often include exterior handrails, decks, wood walls, amongst others. Other expenses may include other monthly services and utilities like:

These expenses mentioned above are the most crucial points to consider when buying log cabins for sale in Smoky Mountains, NC. While you might find a log home that can pay for itself and generate income, it’s not always obtainable. Therefore, you’ll need to work with an experienced real estate agent.

Will Log Cabin Prices Continue Rising?

We can only answer this question with the latest market trends. For the last two years, the log cabin market has been crazy. The values and demand have significantly increased. There has been over a 25 percent increase in some resorts and areas. However, some cabins for sale in NC are less than that. Generally, log homes have risen a bit.

Sadly, the last three to four months have slowed down a bit. Properties sit on the market longer because they’re overpriced. With the present values and pricing, it’s more crucial to consider self-managing options or property management companies that offer competitive rates.

If you’re working with an experienced or educated agent that knows the Great Smokies log cabin real estate market very well, they can recommend a good property management company to help you manage your log home at an affordable price.

Finding a Management Company That Doesn’t Charge Too Much

When finding a management company to manage your log cabin, you’ll have to conduct some research. Don’t hire the first firm you were recommended to avoid making a mistake.

There are numerous management companies in the Great Smokies that are reliable and reputable for managing many cabins for owners that don’t stay in the area.

Therefore, most large property management companies are becoming more aggressive with their splits and terms. Some services offer low prices of about 15 percent with fixed costs to manage cabins for sale in North Carolina.

Some property owners have recorded success self-managing their property too, especially those who stay close by. However, it’s pretty challenging and daunting. You can also use other options such as Evolve to manage your log cabin.

Final Words

Whether you’re familiar with the Great Smoky Mountains area or not, the log cabins real estate market has changed dramatically in the past two years, especially the last 12 months. Thus, now is the best time to key into this investment.

We recommend that you work with an agent with extensive log cabin market knowledge. Don’t forget to research and check online for reputable and reliable real estate agents like Avery Carl of The Short Term Shop.

Before hiring the agent, ask them how many transactions they’ve performed this year and the number of cabins they sold. You can also further ask how many of their previous clients came back to buy another log cabin from them.

Contact Avery today to see her extensive listing of available log cabins for sale in the Smoky Mountains, NC, and enjoy the feeling of being a log homeowner in the Great Smokies.

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