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London Might Be on Top of Your Bucket List by Stasher

London Might Be on Top of Your Bucket List by Stasher

Have you ever wondered where you should spend your long holidays at? If so, you can always put London on top of your destinations this year. There are lots of places there to explore and activities that will make your travel worthwhile. If you want to go to a best adventure, you can sneak a peek at what London has to offer you. Stasher will let you have a good idea of where and what to do around the place.

Overview of London

London is not just about Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, or tower bridge, but it offers many more places and activities that you will want to go to. First things first are to have a suitable itinerary for your visit. If you happen to have the bulk of luggage with you and you cannot leave it in your hotels because there might be constraints about the check-in time, you can always seek the aid of the London luggage storage facility on Stasher.

This kind of facility lets you leave your belongings at a minimum fee, and also you can drop it and pick it up anytime. The services they offer are 24/7, so you can get a lot of strolling around to do. The website also provides some good places in London where you can visit. You can have a quick guide on what you can do at Stratford, or you might like to go shopping in Covent Garden. If you are a fan of Notting Hill, there are numerous places on the street you might not want to miss. You can find delightful deals at portobello market or even go book hopping on their bookshops. You can visit the famous Travel Bookshop where your inner bibliophiles will be so happy.

London will also give you that when you go places and do not want to miss Instagrammable photos. You can see some luggage storage near the area where you can also store your stuff because we know taking pictures is quite challenging when we got a lot of things in our hands. When you found a suitable facility, you can now pose to some of the most excellent and photogenic places in London. Some of them you might be familiar with are Primrose Hill, Richmond Park, London Eye, Portobello Road, Sky Garden, Oxford Street, and Natural History Museum. There are lots of places more to seem even their sidewalk is so much Instagram worthy.

After a tiring walk and a little bit of photoshoot, you can have a good tea at the potion room in Soho or Mad Hatter’s at Sanderson.

There are various activities and sites that you might consider when going into London. But, of course, you cannot roam around everything at once. Still, you can always extend your vacation with no luggage problems, thanks to Stasher’s London luggage storage that are always available citywide. Just remember while having fun, do not forget the standpoint of your belongings at or else you might be charged with additional feed every time you extend the stay to their facilities.

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