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Manufacture of food supplements at present

Manufacture of food supplements at present

Vitamins, minerals, food supplements, sports nutrition, and superfoods are the products we can hardly imagine our life without today. They help support the organism at any age to ensure its activity and longevity. Biolight is one of those manufacturers that is looking for unique ingredients for such products, refining previously studied compositions in order to make products that meet the ever-changing nutritional needs of people. This approach allows you to always be in demand in the food supplement market.

Biolight services

The manufacturer complies with European quality standards and has innovative equipment to complete orders of the largest scale.

The company offers more than 15 services, including:


Most popular company services for the manufacture of food supplements

Biolight is a fully integrated company, which is ready to take on a certain part of the manufacturing process as an outsourced contractor.

Most often, customers order food supplements in the form of hard gelatin capsules, pills of two diameter sizes (8 and 12 mm) with or without a coating, as they are comfortable to consume. For their manufacture, automatic and semi-automatic innovative equipment is used, which is mainly remotely controlled and adjusted. Filling capsules with herbal powders, extracts, substances, vitamins, minerals, and synthesized components.

Another popular activity is liquid filling – drinks, water, shots, oils, and antiseptics in volumes from 30 ml to 1000 ml.

Advantages of Biolight, a food supplement manufacturer

Biolight controls every stage of its work and, most of all, is always ready to adjust the process so that both the customer and the end-user are satisfied. Therefore, to get an accurate picture, a whole team of experienced professionals is involved, i.e. managers, technologists, lawyers, designers, and marketers.

Since 2016 and until now, the team has managed to develop and implement more than 300 recipes that can become the basis for your products, or we are ready to work through your recipes and make our recommendations (if necessary). Popular recipes include:

Orders are executed as quickly as possible thanks to the coordinated work of all professionals. Biolight helps to obtain all permits in a short time and to make a name for your brand in the near future.

An experienced team, quality control, and modern manufacture – these are the 3 main principles on which Biolight’s work is built, which allows you to always keep a healthy lifestyle up to date!

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