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Must-Have Tools For Property Investors



Many real estate investors suffer a great deal before landing their first investment property, and one of the reasons is using archaic methods when sourcing real estate investment opportunities. 

According to research, house flipping in the UK is rising, which means that more investors are saturating the real estate market. That makes finding a viable investment property increasingly challenging before another investor pounces on it.

Thanks to advanced technology, it has never been easier for successful real estate investors to find new investment opportunities. As the real estate market gets more saturated with entrepreneurs, savvy investors use the best real estate investment tools to amplify their results. 

Here is a look into the best real estate investment tools shaking up the real estate industry.

1. Property Deal Insights

Property Deal Insights is a property investment software that provides property data APIs to help investors analyse any UK property within seconds. 

The portal saves you a great deal of time and money by helping you access in-depth data and hot property deals within a few clicks.

The property deals insight platform was born following the challenges Nitin Aggarwal, its director, and other property investors faced in the real estate investment process. 

To use the portal, all you have to do is create a free account, choose a sourcing strategy, search and evaluate the best property deals available in a specific area. 

To save more time, you can filter the results by specifying your desired property types and price range.

2. Property Capsule

Property Capsule is a cloud-based platform that can house all your property investment data under one roof, making it easy to move from archaic workflows to automated processes. You can upload all your property data in one place, including images, maps, property characteristics, and plans, and organise them for efficient access and use.

The system automatically updates the information with the latest market research data. Notable features of the platform include centralised data management, automated marketing resources, interactive maps, and portfolio review tools.

3. Rent Manager

Rent Manager is another software platform that is indispensable for property investors. It simplifies rental property management activities through task automation, integrated accounting, work orders, and contact management, allowing you to manage your rental properties efficiently.

If you have invested in rental properties, you will agree that managing property can be a painstaking process, especially when you have other responsibilities. But the rent manager simplifies everything, saving you more time and money. Other features include intuitive marketing tools, accounting and reporting resources, and a wide range of management capabilities.

4. Houzz App

If you are a house flipper, the Houzz app is just the perfect app for you as it provides all you need to make your next property improvement or remodelling project a success. It allows you to collect expert ideas for home improvement and even connect with reputable home improvement contractors, interior designers, and architects depending on your budget and needs.

It is a one-stop shop for all things home design, from a wide range of accessories to furniture, design professionals to expert advice. You can join discussion boards via the app and connect with other homeowners and professionals to discuss design dilemmas.

5. Free Real Estate Agreement Templates

So much paperwork is associated with real estate investment processes. Thanks to free real estate agreement templates, you don’t have to incur many costs sourcing for paperwork. You can download free lease agreements, deed forms, eviction notices, lease termination letters and rental application forms and tailor them to your specific needs. 

But while there are many free real estate agreement templates on the internet, you have to be careful when using them. You must read and understand them beforehand, given the nature and legal implications of real estate agreement documents.

6. Real Estate Dictionary App

The real estate investment industry is vast, with so much to learn every day. 

As a real estate investor, educating yourself about the real estate market is inevitable if you want to succeed. 

The real estate dictionary app covers everything from financial to legal terms, closing costs, and mortgage terms. 

You can search any phrase associated with the real estate industry and access clear, in-depth definitions that you won’t find anywhere else.


The most successful real estate investors use technology to their advantage. Never stop looking for innovative tools to simplify your work as a real estate investor.

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