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Mystic Messenger Email Guide – All Answers In 2021

Facilitating a get-together isn’t excessively simple. Here are a portion of the solutions to your visitors’ inquiries with respect to Mystic Messenger messages to allow them to enter the gathering and have a decent consummation.

As the Mystic Messenger begins, you’ll be managing the duty of facilitating a gathering for RFA. However, in the event that you can’t get the substance of the story yet, we suggest that you study it first here.

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How Do Mystic Messenger Emails work?

In facilitating the gathering, the main thing that is normal from you is the means by which you will manage the visitors that will join the association’s gathering. Ordinarily, a greeting will be through a virtual messenger that you’ll find in the application. This is something that Jumin, V, 707, Yoosung, and Zen gaze upward to, so ensure you do it well.

Right Answers Mystic Messenger Email Guide

In our Email Guide Mystic Messenger answers, we have recorded the visitor in sequential request with their Username. The arrangement will resemble “@Username”. You can look for any username straightforwardly from the site utilizing Search Option or by squeezing “CRTL+F” Command.

How to Host a Party in Mystic Messenger?

Facilitating a get-together isn’t only a normal assembling yet additionally a special action in the game called the RFA. It is a raising support affiliation established by Rika (V’s sweetheart) yet needed to stop after her passing.

Rika’s Fundraising Association (RFA)

RFA is a cause association. It holds gatherings to bring assets for those up out of luck. When Rika’s passing, there were no gatherings held. Yet, after you joined the game, quite possibly a gathering can be facilitated once more.

When Do You Start Getting Mystic Messenger Emails?

The Mystic Messenger game comprises of 11 days, and the gathering can be hung on the eleventh day, so make an honest effort to get to that day. What’s more, for you to effectively have a gathering, you should welcome in any event 10 visitors through email. Nonetheless, it possibly applies when you are playing the normal story or mode. In the event that you take the V and Ray course, you need to get at any rate 15 visitors, and you get the opportunity to make the best consummation.

How to Invite Guests to the Party utilizing Mystic Messenger Emails?

Welcoming visitors might be a basic undertaking, however not on through informing. There are a couple of things you need to consider for your visitors to enter the gathering. Keep in mind, you need in any event 10 visitors to have a decent consummation, and their participation will rely upon how you react to their messages.

Inside the 10 days before the gathering, you should answer the visitors’ messages multiple times. Every visitor’s name has a @ image in their name. On the off chance that you don’t finish the three answers or have addressed one inquiry wrong, your visitor won’t go to the gathering. In any case, in the event that you gave the right answers multiple times, at that point the visitor will definitely come.

In this way, to make things simple for you otome fans, here are the right responses for every visitor you’ll experience. We additionally included V and Ray Route mystic messenger messages manage on the last piece of this post.

A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – K – L
M – N – O – P – R – S – T – U – W

























































































Mystic Messenger Ray and Mystic Messenger Route in Mystic Messenger Emails
























































We are trusting that with our mystic messenger messages manage, you will have the option to address the whole mystic messenger messages effectively to have the necessary number of visitors to your gathering and you will have an incredible completion of your story.

What is the Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is a Korean Visual Novel Dating game created by Cheritz expected to engage the female part of society. It is intended to encounter dating experience, sensations of being enamored, and feelings while sitting on your love seat and without really dating anyone.

It changes a lady’s minds, wants and dreams into a genuine encounter. The game vehicles the player into an Utopian land with different characters of various characteristics you can associate and visit with.

Seven players are associated with the player through a puzzling application called mystic messenger and you can interface with everyone by means of talk room and sms. You can even settle on decisions to your number one characters or send messages too. The characters will interface with you based on your talk with them during visit room meetings. In the end you will become hopelessly enamored with the one you like the most and the story will go on.

Mystic Messenger Emails Guide with Story Modes

The hero will pick between three courses in Casual Story mode which are Zen, Yoosung and Jaehee. There are two courses accessible in the profound story mode which are Jumin Han and 707 otherwise called Saeyoung Choi.

Mystic messenger at first was dispatched with just two story modes however later following not many years the engineer of the game made another story mode which is additionally called “Another Story”.

Another story has two courses that are V and Ray. Kindly note that easygoing story is unreservedly available yet profound and another story modes require a particular measure of hourglasses that player can buy through in-application buy framework.

How to Play Mystic Messenger?

To play mystic messenger, the player is needed to download a portable application called Mystic messenger. Once downloaded, register your name in the application, add your profile picture and start the game. The player will end up visiting with a baffling and obscure individual who’s moniker in talk is appeared as “obscure” too.

The obscure character tells the player that he found the telephone some place on a tram. He at that point requests the player to locate the proprietor from the telephone and demands to go to an area that is saved money on the telephone he has found on the metro.

The player adheres to the guidelines and winds up on a condo’s entryway at some area. The entryway has all the earmarks of being bolted and secured with a secret phrase. The obscure individual sends the secret word to open the entryway. When player enters the loft, the talk meeting essentially vanishes and another visit room shows up where there are a few characters talking with one another before they notice the player’s quality.

After some underlying discussion, examination and affirmation that the player is innocuous individual and not a programmer or dubious, they welcome the player to join a cause association called Rika’s Fundraising Association/RFA.

The RFA has gatherings to raise assets for different causes yet it quit doing as such after the shocking demise of its originator RIKA. The individuals demands the player become the pioneer and head of RFA where the player will be needed to converse with various visitors, and persuade them to go to the gathering that will be facilitated by RFA. The objective is to get whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances to the gathering.

Mystic Messenger Characters

There are a sum of 7 characters in mystic messenger however you can’t sentiment with every one of them in one course of the other. Enrolled underneath are the characters accessible for sentiment in all the three stories.

Normally known as Zen however his genuine name is Hyun Ryu. He is coquettish, mischievous and consistently boasts about his attractive features. He is continually commending how attractive and gifted he is. Other than every one of these attributes, ZEN is a dedicated, mindful and adoring character and that is the thing we are searching for right?

Yoosung Kim

Yoosung is a youthful, vivacious college understudy who loves to play a computer game called LOLOL. He is an understudy however he isn’t a lot of intrigued by his investigations.

Jaehee Kang

Jaehee is a delightful, autonomous, youthful financial specialist with a genuine mentality. She is close to home colleague to Jumin Han. She is the solitary female character in the easygoing story. Jaehee Kang is mindful, adoring and a persevering lady you be succumbing to even before you know it.

Jumin Han

Jumin is the person with a genuine, careful, and very nature. He is the beneficiary to C&R International and is consistently on a work excursion. He is continually discussing genuine stuff, business and work. Jumin has a whistled Elizabeth the third, and he adores her to death.

Saeyoung Choi – 707

707 is a run of the mill fellow, with be-upbeat consistently demeanor and likes to ridicule everyone around him. He is known as 707 by his shut companion circle. He cherishes hacking and pulling tricks on other particularly Yoosung. He may appear to be an underhanded and non-genuine person however that is not it. He is more than that.

Beam – Unknown (Saeran Choi)

Saeran Choi is the twin sibling of Saeyoung Choi yet he passes by his epithet ‘Obscure’ that he later changes to Ray. He is distrustful, forceful, protective and antagonistic to other people. He is a person who doesn’t blend in with others without any problem. You will think that its difficult to make him love you.

Jihyun Kim – V

V is simply the person who keeps things. He is a photographic artist by calling. He doesn’t jab his nose in anyone’s very own space and that is something you will succumb to. He isn’t well known and he doesn’t need individuals to discuss him either, at the end of the day he isn’t a lot of attached to the spotlight.

Mystic Messenger Emails Game stream

There is sure capriciousness in the ongoing interaction that makes it exact and near the real world. Any course you picked will be founded on the collaboration to different characters in the visit meeting. Each time you associate with an alternate character, it will lead you to an alternate highway an alternate world and an alternate closure.

You should give close consideration to the visit meetings, and in the event that you miss a talk, you can open the equivalent by going through genuine cash.

You will get text messenger, and calls from individuals from RFA. Here and there they will call you since they are smashed and different occasions they will call for no reason in particular. Such occurrences (calls and messages) cause the game all the more genuine and let you to feel what it resembles to be in a genuine relationship.

The mystic messenger is viable with android telephones and iOs. To contact gaming lovers around the globe, the makers presented the game in English and Spanish language.

Magnanimous work by Cheritz

The game got monstrous love and consideration from the gamers around the planet on account of the similar characters. The game was intended to such an extent that the players can insight and feel what it resembles to be in a genuine relationship.

The game positioned fourth on wood grants for its 3 million downloads till December 2019. Cheritz gave a robust One Hundred thousand US dollars to following causes.

Save the youngsters’ “School me” segment explicitly works for the training of young ladies in various African nations. They too reserve instructors, motel, and supply schools with essential embellishments, for example, books and outfits for understudies.

Life saver Korea is a call place that has been attempting to forestall self destruction throughout recent years. Korea SVR attempts to furnish young ladies with help and restoration against savagery.

The CEO of Cheritz Sujin said that he expected to fulfill individuals with the game. He further said that the mystic messenger’s insane popularity, achievement and its examination everywhere on the online media in the previous years tells that they took care of their work quite well and individuals are frantically enamored with the game.

The demonstration of noble cause and liberality just added to the adoration for individuals for mystic messenger.

So women on the off chance that you have ever spent something during the game play you ought to be glad that a piece of your spending more likely than not aided somebody in need some place.


Here is our decision of the game

Individuals from varying backgrounds can appreciate this game not just females. One will cherish the anticipation, vulnerability, equivocalness and diversion while playing the game and communicating with 7 characters of various nature and character.

When you join the gathering there is no retreat, such is the wizardry of the mystic messenger. Your forlorn evenings will transform into party evenings, and dissimilar to genuine nobody gets injured if the closure isn’t acceptable.

We have clarified all the essential game play, characters, their qualities, and nature for your knowledge. We ensure that you will become hopelessly enamored with any of the characters quickly when you begin playing the game. We couldn’t imagine anything better than to have your considerations on the game.

Further we likewise would value you to inform us as to whether you need us to add some other gaming guide in our segment. We are hopeful that in the wake of experiencing our mystic messenger messages control you will have the option to comprehend and thoroughly understand how to get to an extraordinary completion.

On the off chance that you fail to remember any answers you can bookmark our page or visit us again whenever the timing is ideal. We completely uphold your virtual love life and gatherings and we trust you make the most amazing aspect it.

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