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Quick guide in using facial mists

facial mists

facial mists

Facial mists are a very fluid skin care product designed to replenish moisture to your skin. Depending on the ingredients in the formula, it can also provide other benefits: you will find vitamin C, antioxidants, and some contain more than one type of hyaluronic acid and even oils. There are also SPF mists available on the market that help sunscreen reapplications. If you have specific goals in skin care, look for facial mists that contain ingredients that can help you achieve these. For example, if your skin is prone to irritation, look for soothing ingredients such as green tea extract or aloe vera.

Not all skin care products and steps are essential, but this does not mean that they cannot still be beneficial. Some professionals say that facial sprays are not really necessary in your skin care routine, but some beg to differ. In this article we’ll be discussing the uses of facial mists and why you might need them in your skin care routine.

Uses of facial mists

Increases absorption

Before using and applying your moisturizer, spray a layer of facial mist on your skin to increase absorption and the moisturizer can exert its maximum effect, this is a useful tip, especially if you forget to moisturize just after taking a shower.

Fixes thick makeup layers

When you realize that your makeup is a bit too heavy, don’t wipe it all off and start over, you can spray your mist and do some control on the problematic area. Just tap with your finger to blend and work in the excess layers for a more natural effect. Add another light spray and let it dry to finish.

Skin hydration

Put a bottle of facial mist in your home, handbag, and office, and always remember to take it with you when you’re about to go on the plane. Facial mist is like drinking water for the skin, if you really feel thirsty, then you will become dehydrated, as will your tight and dry skin. Keeping moisture and making the skin soft and hydrated is one of the best ways to fight the signs of aging and the drying of your skin.

Wake up spray

It seems quite obvious, but nothing can help you rejuvenate and wake up at any time of the day like a little mist.

Makeup refresh

Facial mists refreshes your makeup and makes it easier to add and blend makeup in. There is nothing worse than going to a dinner/event from the office with stale makeup. Or worse, add more makeup to your old makeup.

Facial mist before bed

Why not have a bottle of facial mist on the bedside table and have a last spray before going to bed? Some scented mists like Lavender mist can help calm your senses, making you in the mood to enjoy a calm and serene sleep, and at the same time help your skin prepare for the next day since this is usually the time to enter their repair mode.

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