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Ready to Hire a Mobile App Designer? Here’s What to Expect

20% of mobile users delete an app after only using it once, therefore, it is essential that your business’s app is good enough to keep customers engaged. Mobile app design can be a tricky ordeal, especially if you’re aren’t experienced in the process, so in that case, hiring a professional mobile app designer is the way forward.

But what can you expect from hiring a mobile app designer? We’ve listed all the things to look out for during this important process, so keep on reading to understand what to expect.

Things to do before hiring a mobile app designer

Harvard Business School found that a shocking 95% of new business projects fail, and the reason behind this failure was the fact that the marketers skipped important steps like sourcing out a mobile app designer.

Perform some market research and start with the basic information like gender, education, income, and occupation. Once this is done, move onto the more specific information like lifestyle, religion, values, personality type, attitudes, likes and dislikes. The key is to get as specific as you can because this will enable you to get a bigger picture of your audience so you can tailor the app to your primary demographic. If we take a look at successful casual dating apps like MeetnFuck, they know their target demographic of male users interested in hookup culture.

Ask yourself what problems consumers in your industry may face and conduct some more market research to confirm these hypotheses. Then, note down these difficulties and address them when designing your app.

What to expect when you hire a mobile app designer

The mobile app designer doesn’t know your business as well as you do, so like mentioned above, it’s important to let the designer know what requirements your company needs to meet and what your goals are.

Ask yourself the following questions before consulting with the mobile app designer:

There’s no point in hiring an amateur because the job won’t get done correctly. You can avoid hiring amateurs by checking out the designer’s portfolio. Quality designers will showcase their work because it has been successful – poor designers will hide their work. A company that does not show a portfolio is not to be trusted.

Teamwork is key in mobile app design. You are going to be working together and communicating through the entire process, therefore, you must source out a designer who has good people skills, is an excellent communicator, and (of course) a team player!

One process does not fit all. No two businesses are alike which means mobile app designers need to provide a range of different services to meet the individual needs of companies.

Check if the designers include client testimonials on their website. If they do it’s a good sign that they are consistently providing good service and it means they can be trusted.

Example: Exemplary Marketing

We are a company that is a prime example of the above factors.

Past projects, as well as client reviews, are included on our website and we offer both app development and app design services.

Exemplary Marketing designs state-of-the-art iOS and Android-compatible apps that are highly responsive and easy to navigate. We build applications that are attractive and visually stimulating. Every app we design is uniquely tailored to the client’s business and helps them to achieve the goals they have.

We are professionals in this field and have been voted by Appfutura as a top app development company. Hiring a leading company in the mobile app design industry is always beneficial since the end product is guaranteed to be of the highest standards.

To Summarize

For some businesses, hiring a mobile app designer can be an overwhelming task because there is a lot to consider and a lot to expect. Companies need to understand their target audience and what their goals are beforehand. They also need to expect designers to be professional team players who offer a range of services, provide a portfolio, have positive client reviews, and of course, are excellent at designing mobile apps!

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