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Relation Between Music and Film Industry

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Entertainment fields are mostly and commonly interrelated. There are many departments and sections that make up the industry as a whole. These departments include film, music, photography, production, distribution and others. When the entertainment industry is mentioned as a whole though, the main focus is mostly either film or music field. These two can be effectively called the two biggest pillars of the entertainment industry. And they hugely correlate too.

For instance, Future lending his music to some movie or making whole new music for a movie adds to the overall Future net worth while it also makes the movie money. Hence, the relation between the film and the music industry has been designed to benefit both parties and increase viewership and profits for both.

If a big and talented music artist’s name has been linked to a movie, the movie is likely to attract a greater viewership and more business. Similarly, if a big movie with a hugely popular cast or directors and production company hires a musician, the musician will get noticed more, his music will be listened to more and he will make more profits while simultaneously gaining fame.

In short, the film and music industries support each other while being closely interlinked. There are certain benefits that each side reaps and everyone’s happy. Some of the ways that both these industries support and benefit one another are as follows.

They Complement One Another


The use of the right music can transform and beautify any scene from a particular movie. Similarly, the visuals can add significantly to the aesthetics of a score. In such a way, both these fields hugely complement each other and can work very well together. You just need to choose the right score to go with the right visuals and vice versa. It will give a whole new look and feel to your end-product and make it stand out way more than the score or the visuals separately would have.

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They Add Emotion to The Other


While visuals and audios can have a separate emotional value all on their own, that value can double up once you put them together. A great emotional scene when accompanied by an equally touching or haunting background score is likely to leave a much stronger effect on the audience than each of these pieces separately used could achieve.

For example, Future has lent some great scores and tracks to movies that add emotional value to the scenes as well as financial value to Future net worth.

They Financially Benefit Each Other


As much as the aesthetic and emotional aspects are amplified by the collaboration of the two industries, the financial aspect is no different. Both the industries financially profit and enrich each other. Movies with a huge music artist’s background score will gain more recognition and momentum and draw audiences on a larger scale.

The same way, a big production company movie with a popular cast and notable director will give due exposure and acknowledgement to the music artist that will end up benefiting him financially.

As we have encountered earlier in this piece as well, a significant part of Future net worth is attributed to his contributions to some successful movies in the movie industry.

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