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Right Strategy to Ace Class 11 Maths Exam

Right Strategy to Ace Class 11 Maths Exam

As the students reach class 11, one of the subjects that frighten most of the students is Maths. Class 11 Maths is way different than anything students have studied up until then. The topics are new, more complex and frankly, a bit more frightening at first glance. At that point, when most of the students open their Maths books for the first time and see the contents of the book, they are a bit scared to see the names of the topics they have never even heard of, which sets a notion in their minds that these topics are going to be difficult. However, with the right strategy and the right preparation, nothing is very difficult to achieve.

If you have studied Maths decently enough up until 10th class and have a thorough knowledge of the basics of the subject, there is nothing to worry about. These basics are the foundation upon which the building of class 11th Mathematics is built upon.

Upon first glance, and even on studying, many students might find the topics such as Complex numbers, Permutations and Combinations or Calculus quite daunting and they might be unable to make sense of these topics in the first go. However, the important thing is to not give in to the fear and be consistent in making efforts to understand the topics you are facing difficulties in. Believe me, if you devote enough time and practice to Maths, it will become your favourite subject and the subject you could score the greatest number of marks in.

However, in order to develop that level of understanding of the subject, we will need to develop a strategy to face our fear of Maths and its haunting companions.

Here are some of the strategies you can follow to ace the subject –

Practicing more and more of the topics, even more so for the topics you are weak in or are having difficulty in understanding, is the key to understanding and recognizing the patterns of questions that can come from the topic and how you can solve them.

Even if you fail to understand the concept initially, keep at it, ask it to your maths teacher, but leave nothing behind. The key to succeeding in Maths is a strong knowledge of the basic concepts.  

One more importance of Solved examples is that many times the question paper setter for the exams directly asks a question that is either the same or based on the solved examples. Imagine the advantage you would get if a question you have previously solved in the solved examples is directly asked in the exam, which is sufficient to explain its pedigree.

If somehow, you are facing any difficulty in solving the problems in RD Sharma, you can always refer to RD Sharma Solutions for Class 11 to find the solutions and understand what you were doing wrong.

 It is understandable if you find class 11th Maths tough and unable to understand. However, with the strategies provided above, and with determination, perseverance and the will to do better, nobody can stop you from making Maths your strong subject!

Good Luck!  

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