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Some Campervan Road Trips Stay Forever in the Memory!

The best part of being anywhere in the UK is the ability to explore the local beauties in and around some of the best countries in the world, including Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland. On one side, gorgeous mountainscapes of glaciers and deep lakes welcome you. On the other side, unspoilt greenery can embrace you in its vastness of warmth. If you want to see the gems of the UK, embark on a road trip. One single decision can open a myriad of avenues for enjoyment. And you can accentuate your experiences by renting a campervan. Unpredictable weather also cannot stop you from having the best moments when you roam in a campervan.

Park it up and pull a comfy chair to admire the surroundings when the grey clouds cover the sky and prepare to pour. Do you wish to book one? A site like Campstar.com/ can help. Before this, let’s figure out your options for better planning.

Wales’ Snowdonia National Park

The park stands out on this side of the Welsh countryside for its scenic drives. Its other name is Eryri. The national park is over 800 sq miles with nearly 1,500 registered paths. Specific trails can be challenging, and a few offer decent parking arrangements. Pre-book a campsite because car parking areas don’t allow campervans or motorhomes. If hiking is the last thing on your mind, consider driving around Mount Snowdon. 

England’s The Lake District or Atlantic Highway

It is arguably the most spectacular destination in the entire England. The Lake District National Park has earned its name from the high Scafell Peak and deep WastWater Lake. In this UNESCO Site, you can witness the beauty of the nature at its best. Do you read literature? If you have read Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, you will know what made her stories so fantastic. 

Another option is the A39 in England’s southwest region. Also called the Atlantic Highway, this seaside road unfolds some of its most treasured gems, like Exmoor National Park. The route also dots the two most beautiful counties of the country, such as Cornwall and Devon. 

Scotland’s Argyll Coastal Route

Everyone knows why the North Coast 500 is so famous in Scotland and the UK. But you can also try the Argyll Coastal Route for a different experience. The route runs through Scotland’s southwestern region from Loch Lomond to Fort William. On this 129-mile road trip, you will witness exotic scenes and sceneries. And you will be rarely alone on this less crowded road like the NC500. At every little distance away, there will be the civilisation. You can park your camper van to sample whiskey in areas like Clydebank and Oban.

The options are endless, even when you plan a road trip. However, such tours can be more enjoyable if you travel in a spacious, comfortable vehicle like a camper van. You can drive as long as you want and pause to refresh without leaving its comfort. With all the amenities easily accessible inside, it serves as your second home that runs along with you.

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