7 Most Successful Flutter Apps that are ruling the market

It’s easy to see why: Google’s framework allows developers to build visually gorgeous apps swiftly and cheaply for iOS and Android. As a result of their early adoption, several firms have become Flutter gurus who have produced some of the most notable Flutter applications in existence.

Companies have utilised Flutter all around the world to create new applications and maintain current ones. There are many reasons to choose Flutter App Development for your next app idea as it is not used across the globe to develop new applications or bolster existing ones. These firms and their apps are recognisable to you, even if you did not know that they utilised the framework.

And even though you were unaware they utilised the framework, you are fairly acquainted with these organisations and their apps.

#1. Xianyu by Alibaba

One of the world’s largest e-commerce enterprises headquartered in China, Alibaba utilised Flutter to develop the Xianyu app, which quickly surpassed 50 million downloads.

When a seller wishes to sell, they ought to be able to publish a well-designed application swiftly. And when a buyer is ready to purchase, all they must do is swipe on the app.

Google Play and the App Store both have the app. It is one of China’s most popular e-commerce applications and was highlighted in a series of Flutter Developer Stories.

#2. Reflectly

Flutter app Reflectly is a great way to keep track of your health and happiness. Using artificial intelligence, the app helps you discover yourself as you continue to write down your thoughts and problems. That’s why Reflectly is a great tool for coping with unpleasant emotions and learning to feel good about yourself. To ensure a positive influence on your life, the application uses positive psychology, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and self-awareness as the foundation.

One of the best apps on the market needs your full attention.

#3. Watermaniac

The Flutter framework makes Watermaniac feasible, a lightweight water monitoring app. It helps users keep track of how much water they use regularly. Users may set recurring goals, keep track of their past intake, and get alerts when consuming again.

Flutter makes it easy for developers to maintain and improve this app. This software enables consumers to use their mobile devices as trackers to maintain a healthy balance, noting how much water they eat each day.

#4. Google Ads

Google has shown with their Ads application that Flutter is no longer a side project SDK. The app allows extensive ad analytics and lets you manage your campaign from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. It is a simplified version of the Google AdWords desktop account, utilised by over 5 million people worldwide.

#5. Hamilton App by Hamilton Musical

The Hamilton app’s development began in May 2017 and was scheduled to debut in August. It intended to include aspects that would appeal to the musical’s fans and to improve access to the play. 

This comprised sign-up/login routines, lottery ticket purchase and entry, an active web newsfeed, and a HamCam selfie camera. And, like the Topline app, it received positive feedback from Google and was included in a series of Flutter Developer Stories.

#6. Philips Hue Flutter apps

Philips Hue is a smart lighting solution for the home. They provide lamps, bulbs, accessories, and starting kits to homeowners interested in installing intelligent lighting. Two of their applications — Hue Sync and Hue Bluetooth – are designed using Flutter. The company went for a flutter app development allowing customers to modify the tone of the light and synchronise lights with their media packages using these mobile controls.

Philips has been using Flutter since 2018 and chose it over other excellent options on the market. With Flutter, it was instantaneous, and they felt it was the ideal fit for their project.

#7. Grab

One of the many services offered by Grab is transportation as well as payment and insurance solutions. It also offers online delivery as well as booking. For their meal delivery mobile app, it employed Flutter. With Grab, getting your package delivered is a breeze.

Users love this Flutter app, and it’s available for both Android and iOS devices in the app stores.

You may have already seen that this framework is utilised by a wide range of businesses across several sectors, so it’s not surprising. The Flutter platform and our Flutter development services may be used to construct any application, from an e-commerce app to a yoga app.


Flutter allows you to do more with less code and a new, expressive language. Flutter is already gathering momentum and eliciting curiosity from the community. Consequently, the number of young programmers that use this technology continues to grow, making it simpler to hire the best team.

Because Flutter is a relatively new technology, the number of apps built with it is limited. However, it enables cross-platform application development with introduction of novel concepts to the market. Moreover, in the future, Flutter-based applications will be the most popular ones.

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