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The 5 Best Informatica BDM Training and Online Courses

Informatica Big Data Management, also known as Informatica BDM, is a software that lays emphasis on interfaces used by businesses for creating collection and quality of data. A Smart Executor is a part of Informatica BDM, which supports various computing engines.

Businesses today are turning towards this software because of the increasing imperativeness around maximizing the use of big data. Informatica BDM training is enough to guide you in the right direction about aptly leveraging its features. Here is a list of the five best Informatica BDM training and online courses to choose from. But before that, let us take a look at what you will probably learn in this course.

Learnings of Informatica Big Data Management Training

Once you complete a good Informatica BDM course, you should be able to carry out these following tasks-

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Who Should Go for Informatica BDM Training?

If you are wondering if Informatica BDM training is apt for you or not, here are a few professionals whose profile will benefit from having this credential. 

5 Best Informatica BDM Training & Online Courses

Here is a list of the five best Informatica BDM training and online courses to help you begin your journey in this field.

Informatica BDM Training Online by igmGuru

igmGuru’s Informatica BDM course online is created by industry experts for tech professionals in the field. This course will give you a clear picture of the fundamental concepts related to this field including data streaming, ingestion, and replication.

It has 12 modules including developing physical data objects, workflows, introduction to big data edition, developing transformations and mappings, and Hadoop data integration challenges. The curriculum is created and taught by experts.

Informatica Cloud – Data Integration by Udemy

Udemy is a platform containing plenty of courses on different technologies and one of them is the Informatica Cloud- Data Integration course. This course will help you understand the various cloud computing types, create and execute data replication and synchronization tasks, and migration parts of Informatica data integration service.

Informatica Big Data Edition Training by Mindmajix

Mindmajix’s Informatica Big Data Edition training aids students to learn more about working with ETL (extract, transfer, load) tools in the Hadoop environment. Real-time projects are utilized to ensure you learn everything that is necessary. You can choose from a self-paced learning option and instructor-led learning.

Informatica Big Data Integration Training by HRKTrainings

HRK Trainings is a good learning platform where you can consider going for your Informatica Big Data Integration training. They provide industry-oriented training that covers the key concepts of the field like data configuration,problem formulation, big data concepts, hadoop ingestion, etc. Earn a course completion certification as you finish this course.

Informatica with Big Data (BDM) Course by Koenig Solutions

Informatica with Big Data (BDM) course by Koenig Solutions gives you a basic understanding of key database concepts. If you already have some experience in SQL coding and are familiar with big data technologies like YARN, Hadoop, and MapReduce, then you are likely to learn more.

It is taught by professionals and you will also get a course completion certification. Learning from experts with this program.


Informatica BDM is a leading name and is being highly adopted by organizations everywhere. This software is transforming how businesses manage and utilize their data to obtain maximum outcome from the same. 

Enrolling a good Informatica Big Data Management learning program will help you gain all related knowledge and skills under professional guidance. Become a pro by beginning your success journey with a leading course.Watch Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMGFxHElF-k

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