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The best elevator shoes for men

elevator shoes for men

The ability to increase height instantly is one of the biggest benefits of elevator shoes that give them a higher advantage over traditional shoes. Platform shoes only provide comfort that aids in walking, while elevator shoes give comfort as well as instantly increasing your height without making it evident to the people around you.

Studies have shown that men with good height make more money and become more attractive to women when compared to short men. It does not mean that short men won’t make a lot of money; but height is one of the prominent factors that we see in someone at first glance. Elevator shoes make the wearer look taller naturally. They have thickened sections of the insoles also known as ‘increasers’ that boost your height from the interior of the shoes while the exterior resembles a typical shoe.

Style with any outfit

Style and class are the two vital factors that are used to rate someone’s fashion sense. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes come in different designs and colors that you could style with any outfit. To look taller, you don’t have to compromise on style. With different designs, elevator shoes go with any event whether it’s a meeting, a date, or a casual meet up with friends. Just like Loom’s waterproof sneakers as they are the perfect fit for any event. Whether you are at the office, gym or at a party, Loom Footwear will keep you going and keep you stylish at the same time.

Makes you confident

One of the overlooked benefits of guidomaggi elevator shoes is the confidence that they create for the one who wears them. There is no doubt in this fact that elevator shoes boost the confidence level among short men. These shoes add a couple of inches that any traditional footwear can’t.

Elevator shoes are comfortable footwear that make you feel and look taller with a layout that perfectly goes with your outfit, hence boosting up your confidence in both professional and personal settings.

Improves and promotes good posture

Elevator shoes are specially designed to improve and promote good posture by encouraging you to stand tall when wearing them. They have the same effect that heels have on women whereby women tend to appear more confident in their stride and stance when wearing heels. They protect the knees and back of the wearer and allow them to walk straight.

Improves your Inter personal relations

Confidence improves your inter personal relations and elevator shoes boosts the wearer’s confidence. With more confidence, one could have better inter personal relations in his personal and professional life.

Improves the functionality of organs

As discussed above, a bad posture leads to upper body pain along with digestion problems. When someone bends forward, the thoracic spine presses the internal organs, which leads to several digestive problems. A good posture helps with the improved functionality of organs and in turn, a healthy lifestyle.

Helps in relieving pain

Bad posture leads to pain in the upper body, especially the neck and back. If someone is suffering from pain in the upper body for a long time, it may be because of bad posture that is a result of wearing bad shoes. Elevator shoes are the best options when it comes to improving posture, which automatically helps in relieving pain.

There are many other types of shoes that help in increasing height but they tend to be uncomfortable because;

To avoid such pain, elevator shoes are designed with care to provide comfort with every wear.

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