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The Essential Guide to Water Fountains for Cats

Have you ever observed that your cat seems to be much more interested in moving water than in still water? It is not uncommon for our feline companions to prefer drinking tap water as opposed to cat-owned water dishes. But why is this? Let us explore the secrets behind cats’ fascination with flowing water and uncover the answer, which is built-in cat water fountains specifically designed for our beloved pets.

Given the shift towards feline hydration studies, it becomes imperative to grasp the importance of water for our beloved feline friends. Similar to humans, animals also require sufficient water intake to uphold their bodily health and vitality. This is due to its pivotal role in aiding digestion, promoting renal function, and various other essential physiological processes.

Understanding the Attraction of Cats to Running Water

Cats have a long-standing tendency that originates from their natural inclination to be around moving water of some kind. Due to the fact that stagnant water sources, particularly those found in the environment, sometimes house germs and other contaminants, it is recommended that rushing water be used instead. Furthermore, cats perceive rushing water to be more pleasant and fresher than other types of water. It’s not only about safety; cats are genuinely lured to the sight and sound of rushing water. This is something that should be taken into consideration. There is a possibility that this innate affinity originates from the fact that the ancestors relied on rivers and streams to meet their water requirements. As a result, the majority of cats feel that drinking from a source that is moving rather than a dish that is still is more gratifying.

Water Fountains Offer Plenty of Advantages to Cats

Why should you purchase a water fountain for your cat? This is, after all, a typical question that is answered by every enthusiast of animal care. In fact, the advantages are myriad and varied, encompassing a variety of parameters. The first and foremost are the ones that allow cats to drink more water and be better hydrated. In fact, better hydration has a lot of advantages, including decreasing the possibility of urinary tract diseases, which is especially favorable for cats prone to them. The continuous murmur of the water inside, as well as the sight of it flowing, is not just audible but also visual and in this way stimulates the imagination and possible enjoyment of the cat on your part. It could encourage indoor, inactive individuals to become more active and help boost overall activity levels, especially in situations where most leisure time is spent being inactive.

Choosing the Right Water Fountain for Your Feline Buddy

Some of the things to keep in mind while looking for a water fountain for your cat include fountain size, the material, the filtration system, noise level, and style. In case you want to save some pennies, budget-friendly options are available for cat owners seeking a low-cost yet efficient solution. While other cat owners may choose expensive fountains with advanced features, like two or more streams and adjustable flow rates, high-end fountains are those that offer the ultimate in conveniences.

Guidance on Setting Up and Caring for Your Cat’s Water Fountain

It is indeed important to set up and take care of your cat’s water fountain correctly. The installation is very important, which enables it to work at its maximum efficiency while supplying clean and fresh water for your pets. Regular maintenance is also important so that there would be no build-up of bacteria, turning the water stale or harmful to the pets. When setting up your fountain, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and position it correctly, securing all components in place. Clean the fountain and its parts like the pump and filter, according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, on a regular schedule. This is helpful in getting rid of debris, and clogs, and keeping the water at optimal quality.

Also, know about troubleshooting techniques to be used in case problems arise, including slowing down water flow or unusual noises. This will assist you in quickly solving problems such as reduced water flow or strange noises, ensuring that your cat remains well-hydrated.

Addressing common concerns

Noise is also a common concern that cat owners will most definitely encounter when planning to get a water fountain. To lower its noise, there are two strategies: altering the flow rate or opting for a fountain with noise-reducing features. In addition, the first few days after introducing a new fountain to a cat can sometimes make them hesitant. But this kind of hesitation can be dealt with through gentle encouragement and patience.


In conclusion, water fountains present a perfect solution for quenching your cat’s thirst, with the added benefit of essential hydration, mental stimulation, and enrichment. By purchasing a cat water fountain, you are ensuring the health and well-being of your cat, plus additional benefits for their lives. After all, just like humans, cats deserve access to clean, fresh water.

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