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The Importance of Retaining Walls to Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are essential in each property, primarily because they collect and transfer the rainwater and sewage to proper disposal. One of the primary purposes of such is to keep the surrounding in good condition. Poorly installed drainage systems do not only cause inconvenience, but they could also cause potential damage later on.

Clogged drainage systems can be a headache no matter where your house is located, either on hills or plains. The good thing is that there are solutions for dealing with these, especially if you’re in high areas. You will be able to notice the problem when the water isn’t immediately cleared, even if the rain isn’t that hard. That could be the first sign of drainage problems.

Concrete retaining wall construction is one of the best immediate actions you can take if such a situation occurs. These structures ensure that the outdoor area and the landscape work as they should and not cause damage to the drainage system. Retaining walls are like barriers that protect your property from unforeseen circumstances.

Here are signs that your yard may have a drainage problem.

Listed below are two functions of retaining walls to drainage systems.

Changing weather causes the ground to contract and expand, something that could harm your house’s foundation. Since natural events are something that cannot be controlled, constant changes surrounding the property increase the likelihood of structural damage. And with poorly-constructed drainage, the problem may get even worse since it could trigger leaks. Installing retaining walls could protect your foundation by keeping water away from your yard.

If your landscape doesn’t have proper drainage systems and retaining walls when a rainstorm comes, there’s a huge possibility that your garden will get ruined. Plants and flowers may lose their nice appearance if they get uprooted due to calamities, making your yard look unattractive. But this can be prevented when you install retaining walls, which aid soil from being washed away.

Do drainage systems impact the lifespan of retaining walls?

No matter how beautifully constructed retaining walls are, they may still get destroyed by clogged drainages. Pressure builds up since the water cannot pass through behind the wall, prompting the wall and footing to fail. Drainage systems are a good indicator of how frequently your wall requires fixing. You’ll be less likely to do repairs if they are in the right places.

Quality drainage systems protect your property by ensuring it won’t suffer any water-related damages. When the retaining wall’s back part accumulates water, it can decay the structure. Over time, you may encounter other problems that may significantly impact your house’s foundation. So, properly built retaining walls and drainage will keep you from costly repairs, especially if they are constructed by professionals.


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