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The Skincare Routine of Notable Instagram Influencers

We all have to agree that we have learned a lot of makeup and skincare routine tricks from Instagram influencers. They not only create awareness about different kinds of brands but also educate us about the way skincare should be done. For example, the use of serums to hydrate your skin and the use of sunblock to protect it was not very common a few years back. People knew about them but influencers made us follow these routines religiously.

Here are some of the most followed Instagram Influencers sharing their skincare routines and products and we thought you might not want to miss out on their routines.

Tanielle Jai (@taniellejaimua)

Tanielle Jai has a very different story to tell when it comes to skincare. According to her, when the sudden shift to natural skincare products increased in her circle, she also opted for it just because of the “Fear Of Missing Out” but it didn’t do her any good. Her skin started showing reactions to the products which made her switch back to her previous skincare routine which helped her get her usual healthy skin back. She says the products she used from the natural skincare range suited almost everyone except for her, which means not everything for our skins.

Some of her favorite products include Kate Somerville – Exfolikate Cleanser which is a daily cleanser, The Kate Somerville – Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, Moisture Surge Moisturizer and Spray by Clinique, and the Night oil by Sunday Riley.

She also says that she follows a strict skincare routine where she cleanses her face and her lips. A new thing we learned from her is that she makes sure that her lips are also scrubbed and moisturized so that they will look plumpier. Although Laneige Radian C Cream is best known for its amazing results, Tanielle’s favorite product from the company is their Sleeping Lip Mask which she swears by!

Tash Galgut (@tashgalgut)

Tash talks about having a more natural and recurring skin routine. She says that she has minimized the usage of face washes and cleansers because they make her skin produce excess oil but this does not mean that she does not use them. According to her, using natural products that are paraben-free has actually made her skin look better and healthier over time. Moreover, she talks about eating healthy and opting for a vegetarian diet. She says she has noticed a prominent change in the texture and feel of her skin and her breakouts have almost disappeared. Her skincare products to swear by include the Jade roller and the Sukin cleanser.

Ashley Antoine (@ashleyantoinebeauty)

Ashley says if she could describe skincare in one word, that would be Hydration! She starts her skincare routine by using something oily and moisturizing to remove the makeup and then washes it off with a gentle cleanser. She exfoliates and moisturizes her skin and makes sure that she wears her sunscreen everyday. Her top products in skincare include Arcona “White Tea Purifying Cleanser”, Clinique “Take the day off” Cleansing balm, and Tatcha Water Cream. These are some of her absolute favorite skincare products which are also a part of her daily skincare routine available at Sensoo Skincare.


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