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The superstar Rob Mally recently purchased a stake in Apple, Netflix and Amazon!

Rob Mally

Rob Mally

A share is simply proof of ownership of part of a company. The more shares you have, the more of the company you own, and you become known as a shareholder. This proof of ownership is represented by a share certificate, which today, is recorded electronically.

As a shareholder, it means that you have access to your share of the company’s earnings and any voting rights attached to the shares. It is important to note that being a shareholder does not necessarily mean you have a say in the day-to-day running of the business or that you can take items from the company where you hold shares (e.g. free clothing from Woolworths).

Companies sell shares so that they can raise the money needed to grow and expand their business, and to carry out certain projects to generate more income. These companies can sell shares either publicly or privately, and you can buy different types of shares.

Robbie Malinga Jnr aka Rob MALLY has recently acquired percentage in the 3 companies Apple , Netflix and Amazon. He’s one of the few young Africans who own shares in multi billion companies worldwide , rather smart for a rapper.

We all super proud to acknowledge this amazing financial act.

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