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TikTok MP3 Download – Download TikTok music files Instantly

Discover the convenience of Snaptik, a web application that effortlessly allows you to Download TikTok MP3 audio files directly to your mobile device, computer, laptop, or tablet. Forget the hassle of installing plugins or software; with Snaptik, you can seamlessly download music in mp3 format from the renowned TikTok (formerly Musically) app. This online platform serves as a user-friendly solution to store audio and music from TikTok, perfect for adding background vibes to your TikTok clips or enjoying offline playback whenever you desire. Experience the flexibility of using our website from any device, anywhere. To convert a TikTok video to MP3, simply copy the TikTok video link, paste it into the search form, and hit the Download button to preserve the audio track. Snaptik is your go-to free TikTok converter and downloader, offering a smooth and efficient experience.

Key Features

No Membership

Here at our platform, we stand out from the rest by not requiring any registration or sign-up process. We believe in keeping things simple and accessible – no strings attached. All you need to do is copy and paste the link of your TikTok clip, and voila, you’re good to go. Enjoy hassle-free downloading without any obligations, because everything here is absolutely free.

Simple TikTok Converter

We’ve simplified the process of downloading and converting TikTok videos into MP3 files. Now, your cherished clips and favorite soundtracks are just a few clicks away from being downloaded.

Best for Mobile

Exciting news for Android and iOS users! You can now seamlessly utilize our website as if it were a dedicated application. It’s designed to be completely mobile-friendly and user-centric. Skeptical? Give it a shot and experience it for yourself!

Fast conversion speed

Our TikTok to MP3 converter services leverage state-of-the-art technology and algorithms to ensure swift and seamless conversion. This not only reduces waiting time but also enhances overall productivity.

Security and Privacy

Rest assured, our Online Converter prioritizes user privacy by employing secure data storage and transmission protocols. Your converted files and personal information are not saved or distributed without your explicit permission on our platform. Your confidentiality is our utmost priority.

Download from URL

With our TikTok Converter (MusicallyDown), you can effortlessly convert both TikTok videos and MP3 files by simply pasting the TikTok video URL. This streamlined process saves you time as there’s no longer a requirement to download the video locally before initiating the conversion.

How to download TikTok to MP3 audio on Android and Computer?

1. Launch the TikTok app on your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

2. Select the clip from which you wish to download the MP3 audio.

3. Tap the Share button located at the bottom right.

4. Locate and click on the Copy Link button.

5. Open your web browser and navigate to the Snaptik MP3 Converter site.

6. Paste the copied link into the Search box.

7. Allow our server some time to process the link and load video info.

8. The last step is to click Download, saving the MP3 audio file on your device.

Do Snaptik work on iPhone or iPad (iOS) Devices?

1. Download TikTok videos without a watermark and MP3 background music files on your iPhone using our online web app through the Safari browser. Note that it is compatible only with iOS 13 or later versions.

2. Simply go to the TikTok application on your iPhone or iPad and copy the URL of the desired video.

3. Open https://snaptik.id/download-tiktok-mp3/ in Safari browser.

4. Paste the link into the input field and press the Download button.

5. Similar to Android users, click the Download Audio button to download the soundtrack of that video.

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